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Are there any restrictions on types of shoes that can be collected?
No. We want ALL your gently worn, used shoes. Every pair of shoes from high heels to flip flops can make a difference for individuals in developing countries. We do not accept single shoes.
What condition should the shoes be in?
While we would love to repurpose shoes that are in the best condition possible, we only ask that they are gentle worn used shoes. Even shoes that have considerable wear and tear can be broken down into raw materials and used to repair another pair or create an entirely new pair of shoes. Shoes need to paired and tied together or rubber banded to keep the pair together. Put the banded pairs in the same bag.
Can only 1 shoe from a pair be collected?
We do not accept single shoes.
How much storage space should we allocate for a Mega Drive?
You will need a space roughly 20’ by 20’ by 10’ space. Some groups get a self-storage business to donate the space. A double car garage or a warehouse works well. Your space should be able to hold approximately 1,200 bags.
How often will you collect my shoes?
During your drive, your Fundraising Coach and the Funds2Orgs Logistics Team will be in contact with you. We cannot guarantee any pickups during your drive other than a final pickup at the end of your drive. Please make sure you have a storage space large enough to hold all your bags. Often we may arrange for periodic pickup when our fleet is in your area.
What materials do you provide for my drive?
Once you sign up for a drive, your Fundraising Coach will send you a Starter Kit. This kit includes 2500 rubber bands and 100-33 galloon bags, enough materials for a 100 bags of gently worn, used shoes. You will also receive online access to our drive guidelines and marketing material templates, which you can customize and print for your organization and drive. During your drive, you will be in engaging in constant communication with your Fundraising Coach. We want your group to succeed! Marketing materials include templates for: fliers, door hangers, bag labels, and a press release.
What happens if I need more than 100- 33 galloon bags and 2500 rubber bands?
Once you fill 75 bags with 25 pairs of gently worn, used shoes, contact your Fundraising Coach. They will order your organization another set of supplies.
What happens if we need additional time past our deadline to reach our goal?
We will need to pick up the shoes that you have collected and you will need to sign a new agreement and start a new fundraiser.
How do the shoes get picked up? Do we need to have volunteers on hand to help load?
During your drive, our logistics team will work with you to pick up your shoes. You should plan two volunteers per 100 bags collected to insure timely loading.
What happens to shoes that are not wearable?
Shoes that have considerable wear and tear are broken down into raw materials and used to repair another pair or create an entirely new pair of shoes. No shoe ever goes to waste!
Why do I need to rubber band the pairs together?
Shoes need to paired and tied together or rubber banded to keep the pair together. Put the banded pairs in the same bag.
What types of organizations can participate?
We encourage nonprofit organizations, churches, schools, PTO and PTA groups, and civic groups to participate.
Can individuals participate or only organizations?
Individuals are welcome to participate in addition to organizations. For more information about participating as an individual, please click here.
When we collect the shoes, how do we package them?
Our goal is to make this process as easy as possible. The shoes should be either tied or rubber banded together, and pairs placed in the 33 gallon bags that Funds2Orgs provides with 25 pairs of gently worn shoes in each bag. We do not accept wet shoes unless you are working through our MudRun Shoe repurposing division.
When do we receive our funds?
Within 48 hours of Funds2Orgs processing and weighing your shipment in our warehouse, you will be issued a check and a letter detailing the amount. In addition, you will receive a certificate for your team to recognize them for the effort. Our accounting team issues checks every Wednesday and Friday.
Do any shoes go to the dump?
Absolutely not. We never take any shoes to the dump. Our Micro-enterprise partners around the globe work to repurpose the pairs to eliminate waste.
Do you accept shoes with cleats such as golf or soccer shoes?
YES! We accept all types of shoes including cleats, providing they are gently worn or new.
What if we collect more bags than our goal?
GREAT! Collecting more bags will generate more funds for your organization. We do no cap your earning potential!
How much does it cost to participate in this drive?
Nothing. We provide all the drive materials including bags, rubber bands, marketing material templates, and coaching. If you choose to use the marketing material templates during your drive, your organization is responsible for paying the printing costs.
What if we don’t collect the minimum amount of shoes?
There is no minimum amount, you will be paid for all pairs of new and gently worn used shoes that you collect. Please refer to your individual MOU for details.
Where are my shoes sent after you collect them?
All collected shoes are sent to micro-enterprises in developing countries, creating micro-jobs for individuals in these communities. For more information on micro-enterprises, please click here.
Can I choose the specific country or region where my shoes are distributed?
Unfortunately, no. At this time your collected shoes are combined with other drives and sent in lots.
What is a micro-enterprise program?
By definition a micro-enterprise is a small business with minimal employees and minimal capital. Funds2Orgs works with micro-enterprises in underdeveloped nations, bring sustainability and income to individuals in these areas.
Where do I find more information for wholesale/ manufacturers to sell hash lots and store returns?
For more information regarding wholesale/ manufacturer sales, please click here or call our main office to speak with one of our Fundraising Coaches.
Where do I sign up to get started?
Getting started is easy. Fill out the form here and one of our Fundraising Coaches will be in contact with you soon.


If I have additional questions, what do I do? We are a customer driven social enterprise and we value your time. We offer 24hr email support (asap@funds2orgs.com) and phone support (1-312-350-3293) from our world headquarters to answer your immediate questions, monitored and backed by a live person. We pride ourselves on our representatives and on always answering the phone!