Nonprofit Organization

E nonprofit begins with the best of intentions, they want to make a difference in the world and change lives along the way. In order to make a lasting impact though, every organization needs to find successful fundraising ideas for nonprofits. Non profit fundraisers often include donor mailings, calendar or merchandise sales, and grant writing. But are these the most effective way to boost your nonprofit’s funds?

The Importance of Non Profit Fundraisers

In 2012, over 1.8 million US nonprofit organizations were registered with the IRS. That is roughly one registered nonprofit for every 175 people living in the US. With so many organizations vying to make a difference in the world and the need for creative fundraising ideas for nonprofits to complete their missions, often times finding successful fundraising ideas for non-profit organizations has to be a number one priority.

f20nonprofitIn 2010, about three-fourths of all charities and nonprofit organizations reported less than $500,000 in annual expenses. However, this same percentage only accounted for a total of 2.2% of public charity spending. That means approximately 75% of all nonprofits are spending only less than 2.2% of the total nonprofit spending!

On the flipside, 4% of nonprofits reported spending $10 million or more in the same year. This small percentage accounted for more than 85% of the total charity spending.

How Funds2Orgs Helps Spark Non-Profit Fundraising Ideas

It is an unfortunate reality within the nonprofit world that most organizations do not outlive their founders. Let Funds2Orgs help you find successful non profit fundraiser to provide more outreach than you have ever imagined and meet your financial goals.

At Funds2Orgs, we provide nonprofits with the fundraising tools they need to achieve sustainability with guaranteed revenue on their fundraising efforts. Our model is easy to follow, and gets your organization engaged in a unique fundraising idea for nonprofits.

Through shoe drives, your next non profit fundraiser could have a resonating impact within your organization, by benefiting your community, micro-enterprises in developing nations, and the environment.

Contact Funds2Orgs today to learn more about how our shoe drive fundraisers are the perfect solution for non-profits looking for new fundraising ideas.