School Fundraisers

Some districts across the US are struggling to provide a solid, well-rounded education to students while meeting the financial demands of our society. Budget cuts and lack of school fundraising ideas are leading most schools to cut programs and extracurricular activities, including the arts and physical education. The need for school fundraisers is at an all-time high in the US.

Most schools across the country annually participate in some kind of school fundraiser, generally selling products like cookie dough, wrapping paper, or calendars to local families, friends, and communities. Traditionally this method has met the yearly goals of PTA/ PTO organizations, but with a struggling economy, traditional school fundraisers are no longer meeting budget goals or closing the gap for educational resources.

New Approach to School Fundraising Ideas

Funds2Orgs has helped hundreds of schools across the country engage in our unique, no calorie school fundraiser. Shoe drive fundraisers for gently worn, used and new shoes offer a perfect solution to refresh dated school fundraiser ideas. They create new revenue streams with no upfront costs to the school.

Most families have at least one pair of shoes per person that they no longer wear, and simply take up space in closets or garages. The average US public school ranges from 446-752 students, depending on the student level. That doesn’t even include the teachers, staff, and other community members involved with the school. Imagine having YOUR entire school coming together for one central school fundraiser that will impact your children every day!

New playground equipment, funding for the arts, larger sports programs, impact learning, and so much more are now an easy reach for most schools. Contact Funds2Orgs today, [email protected], and see how we can work to make YOUR school a better place for everyday learning with our school fundraisers.