“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” – Maya Angelou

Want to know the #1 thing you should do after a successful shoe drive fundraiser or any fundraising effort?

Say thank you!

One of the top things that donors say after making a contribution to a nonprofit, charity or school is that they were not thanked or acknowledged. Your supporters will notice the experience they have with you. As a fundraising leader, you want to be sure to give your champions the very best experience possible when they support your cause. After all, if it isn’t for your donors and volunteers, it would be a lot tougher to accomplish your mission in your community.

Now that you know the #1 thing to do after a shoe drive fundraiser, let’s talk about how to do a follow-up appreciation or thank you campaign, with the most powerful ideas, so that your supporters know that you are grateful for everything they do for you.

  1. Send a letter. Yes, it may be old school, but it still works, especially in the age of emails, texts, and social media tagging. A letter which is sent in the mail will get opened because most people don’t get personal letters anymore. When your donors receive a message through the post office, they will immediately realize that you took the extra time and effort to send them something special. In fact, Classy has reported that 46 percent of donors prefer receiving a thank you letter in the mail.
  2. Give them a shout out on social media. While the best way to follow-up with your supporters after a shoe drive fundraiser is by sending an old-fashioned letter, another great way to get in touch is to reach out to them on social media. Since it’s very likely that your best donors are on Facebook, take a moment to tag them on a thank you post. You can also make a thank you video, upload it to your YouTube channel and provide your supporters a fun thank you video for watching at their convenience. Want to learn more about how to leverage Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube? Download our free resource guide, How to Kickstart Your 2019 Social Media for Your Nonprofit.
  3. Ask their opinion. Once your fundraiser is finished, you should ask your supporters for their views, especially when after you’ve done a creative fundraiser, such as a shoe drive fundraiser. Ask them a few questions such as:
  • How did you hear about our organization?
  • How did you enjoy participating in a shoe drive fundraiser?
  • Why did you give your shoes to our fundraiser?

People like to be asked for their opinion because it demonstrates that you care about what they have to say to you. At the conclusion of a successful fundraising event, continue to have your supporters engaged with you by asking them to give you feedback.

The best fundraisers understand that success comes by developing long-term relationships with the people who choose to support your organization. By taking the steps as mentioned above following a fundraising campaign, you’ll ensure that you continue to deepen those critical relationships and you will also demonstrate that you’re not taking the contributions you receive for granted.


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