Tomorrow is Giving Tuesday, and we know you’re looking to have it be a great success for your nonprofit organization. You can never do too much to promote your group on the global day of giving or any of your fundraisers or campaigns, for that matter.

What follows are a few of our quick and easy ideas that could help you gain more attention for your Giving Tuesday efforts not just on this particular day, but throughout the season and beyond. The information is from our Giving Tuesday 2018 Guide, which we hope you downloaded for the tips and ideas.

  1. Use #GivingTuesday and #UNSelfie across your social media platforms. Also use #GivingMonday, which you can use TODAY for a little head start.
  2. Promotion on social media is a significant aspect of Giving Tuesday, so be sure to queue up targeted posts and tweets to publish automatically. On this particular day, your time is better spent engaging with people who like, are commenting or sharing your content.
  3. When you find people making comments or sharing your posts, thank them and tag them @username in your reply. When you do this, you keep your posts, and tweets visible longer on peoples’ feeds and your responses appear on the feeds of the followers of the people you tag.
  4. Make sure you have great imagery to share on each post or tweet. Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words. Use images and watermark pictures with your brand logo in case it is shared when you have particularly powerful imagery.
  5. If you haven’t registered your charitable group on the official site, make sure to Join the Movement, so more people who will be going to the Giving Tuesday site have the chance of seeing your listing.
  6. Ask and remind your supporters who are contributing to your cause to tag your organization and also using #UNselfie, which will help your nonprofit appear to the followers of the people who are tagging your group.
  7. Don’t be shy and get on Facebook Live providing people with the behind-the-scenes look at the work you’re doing. Live video has a higher rate of viewership and engagement.
  8. Use social media amplification tools like Thunderclap to get more people to see your messages on Giving Tuesday beyond your target audience. One of the benefits of this special day is that you have an excellent opportunity to get many more people of the public involved in your cause.
  9. For Twitter, keep your tweets under 100 characters for greater engagement.
  10. Post tweets on Twitter with photos, GIFs and videos. Nonprofits that do this experience a bump of 35 percent on retweets.

Giving Tuesday can be an excellent day to send emails, texts or messages of thanks for your donors. People always want to be acknowledged. Finally, have fun, be genuine and be yourself on Giving Tuesday. Being authentic and telling your story in your distinctive style will go a long way toward piquing the interest of not only current and former supporters, but also new people. Be creative, enjoy yourself and become a part of the global conversation.


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