Any nonprofit fundraiser needs a lot of promotion on social media. In fact, we’ve found that the partners who have the most success with brand awareness and their fundraisers are those who actively use social media to engage with their supporters and raise awareness about what’s happening.

Here are some of the comments made by our partners about social media:

  • I recruited others, and it was because people shared my Facebook posts that we were able to succeed.
  • We used a lot of social media and really everyone was so involved and terrific. We have a great community and supporters.
  • We relied heavily on social media and Facebook with our followers.

It’s imperative to engage with your donors, supporters and the public before a fundraiser, so you have maximum impact. For people to ultimately want to join, support and share your fundraising efforts, they have to know about your organization, and they have to have a relationship with your group; yes, even a digital relationship.


Tips and Strategies for Exceptional Social Media Engagement

What follows are some ideas for enhancing your social media engagement with the public. And as you read through, remember that success in social media comes with consistency. You have to be on social media every day, even when you don’t have a fundraiser you’re promoting. If your followers and others see that you’re regularly on social media, you’re increasing your chances for meaningful engagement. Social media takes work, and it’s a slow, but necessary, build.

  1. YouTube Rocks! YouTube is the largest search engine on the planet after Google. That means there’s a lot of power in actively using YouTube. You can collaborate with those on YouTube Creators to make fun and engaging, which helps you grow your nonprofit brand.
  2. Your Authentic Self. Social media is not kind to fakes. Don’t be fake. People on social media don’t care about slick video productions if they’re not authentically you. Social media fans want to be entertained and engaged by individuals and organizations who are authentic.
  3. Practice Social Listening. Develop your social listening skills. That means researching and monitoring relevant conversations that your followers and the public are having online related to your mission, fundraising, or philanthropy. There are always discussions taking place, and you can find them, for example, by using related hashtags on Twitter to see what’s trending. You can also see what people are talking about in social media groups.
  4. Post Original Content. We see hundreds of thousands of inspirational quotes and pictures. Those are great, but so your followers and others get to know about you, one of the best things you can do is create a blog or develop content that you can post regularly about the work you do, issues in your industry, etc. You should also make it a point to share content from complimentary groups, thought leaders and even your followers. 
  5. Target on Facebook. By now you know that Facebook is the biggest social media platform in the world. Use it to your advantage. We’ve had so many of our partners who have exclusively used Facebook for fundraising success. Target your audience on Facebook to those most likely to support your efforts. Target by demographic and geolocation. 
  6. Leverage Influencers’ Klout Scores. Klout helps social media users to identify social media influencers with Klout Scores. The score goes from 1 to 100 and the higher the score, the more influence someone has on social media. Seek influencers with scores greater than 60 percent, which is the top 5 percent of social media influencers. Follow them on social media. Pose questions to them. Send relevant articles or comment on relevant conversations. If you engage with them often enough, in time, they may be more apt to share your content. 
  7. Share the Love. Social media at its core is about collaboration. It’s about social networking. Like you, there are countless people and other brands that are looking to breakout on social media to lead conversations and drive thought leadership. One of the best strategies you should use is to share the posts and content of others who are aligned with your organization. In time, you will have others reciprocating. 
  8. Use Video. So many people miss the opportunity to set themselves apart from their nonprofit competitors by not using video. Use video often. We can attest to the fact that we use lots of videos and it’s helped us grow our followers and raise brand awareness around our shoe drive fundraising companies. Pick up your cell phone, walk around the office and speak to staff in a live stream. Video your board members and supporters doing good. Live stream any event or meeting. The more you use video, the higher the engagement you’ll develop.
  9. Real People Power. Fundraisers know that the best way to get people to support an organization and donate is to show prospects in action. Make it a habit of promoting the good work of your donors, activists, and champions in action. Individuals want to see real people like themselves involved. It helps send a subliminal message to prospective supporters to help see themselves doing the same thing.
  10. Ask Questions. People like it when you ask their opinion. Polls and surveys are an excellent way to get people involved and engaged with you on social media. There are plenty of tools out there to help you to easily create polls and surveys on social media, including twtpoll, Survey Monkey, and Polldaddy.

More Information to Learn More About Social Media Promotion

If you would like to see more content about how to effectively engage with your supporters on social media, take a few minutes and watch this YouTube video.

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