Instagram is an excellent social media tool to promote your nonprofit organization on a platform that is loved by many people because it’s a lot less toxic and much more fun than other social networking sites.

Last time, we shared with you three things your nonprofit should do for nonprofit success on Instagram. As we noted then and it’s important to remember, there are a couple of great reasons why your organization should focus on Instagram. As Hootsuite reported, there are few important facts that you should know about Instagram. These statistics provide you with a couple of the reasons why you should make sure that your nonprofit leverages social media platform.

  • Instagram is used by more than 1 billion people monthly.
  • The social networking tool is used by 71 percent of people under the age of 35.
  • 95 percent of people who use Instagram are also users of YouTube.

This time, our team is focusing on three actionable and easy things that you can do to be different and better than other charities in your neighborhood by using Instagram. These three tips are an excellent way to get started or grow what you’re doing on Instagram to not only engage with your current followers but also to build a more substantial following.


  • Instagram Local Profile Pages

Instagram has rolled out to businesses an in-app profile for their local pages. It provides nonprofits, as well as companies, with an excellent opportunity to present their organization in their local communities. The profile pages allow your organization to publish information that you want to make sure is as available as possible. These points of information include items such as your address, telephone number, URL, and hours of operation. Why is this important for your organization? Think of it as listing for your business on Google, but in this instance, it’s on Instagram. If people love the photos and videos that you’re producing, they will have an in-app ability to get critical information about your organization on Instagram’s profile pages.

  • Video

In 2018, 81 percent of businesses used videos. Videos have become the “go to” choice for marketers, including those in the nonprofit sector, to promote their charities because they have a higher level of engagement with the public. Instagram makes it easy to use videos in several ways. First, Instagram Live allows your nonprofit to provide your followers with live video. If you’re having an event, it’s an excellent opportunity to have supporters experience it in real time. Second, IGTV is Instagram’s video platform. Nonprofit marketers can use it to upload long-form videos for their followers. Finally, Instagram Stories allows your organization to share photos and videos within a defined 24-hour timeframe, at which point they will disappear. For nonprofits, it provides an excellent opportunity for a targeted, micro-fundraising campaign, for instance, or the marketing of a new initiative.

  • Instagram Stories

One of the features that have been most used by nonprofits on Instagram has been Instagram Stories. As mentioned above, Stories allow your organization to make posts of images and videos of no more than 15 seconds during a 24-hour period, which then disappear. You can, however, add as many posts to your Instagram Stories as you want during the day. Why are so many nonprofits doing it? There are a few key reasons. One is that Stories are featured at the top of the feeds of followers, so it’s a way to get around algorithms that can bury your content if followers haven’t engaged with you in a while. Stories also helps create urgency, especially if you want to promote a fundraising campaign or new effort.

If you’d like to learn more of techniques and ways that you can leverage the power of Instagram, keep an eye on our blog each week. We’ll be sharing ideas for you on digging deeper on Instagram Stories, influencer marketing on the platform, and also social media management tools.


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