If you’re looking to raise more money or the visibility of your nonprofit organization, then you’ve come to the right place. We have invaluable tech hacks for you that will help you achieve your organizational goals.

One of the obvious things you should do, but that is often missed, is to recruit people who have tech experience, including social media backgrounds. While it’s important to have team members who are immersed in technology, it’s also vital to have board members and volunteers partnering with you concerning tech because they can assist you at a more strategic level.

There are many hacks you can use in the digital world to raise money and visibility at a much lower cost than the old days when nonprofit organizations spent considerable amounts of money having events. The following are five of the most brilliant tech hacks for your nonprofit, which you can start using today!

  1. Automation: Making sure that you post regularly (i.e., daily) on social media takes a lot of time to curate and schedule, especially if you need to post on multiple platforms to reach your target audiences. One of the simplest things that you can do for your nonprofit is to automate your postings. There are great tools out there for low or no cost, which include HootSuite or SocialOomph. You’ll find that if you spend time on automating posts, you’ll be able to get more done.
  2. Clear writing: The algorithms for Google and other search engines and social media platforms, such as Facebook, prioritize content that is well-written. Not everyone can be Hemingway, but if you’re publishing posts about topics that are relevant to you and your supporters, use a digital grammar checker before you publish content. A free grammar checker is Polish My Writing, which will help you correct grammar, typos and even improve your writing style.
  3. Recurring gifts: Want more money for your organization and to increase the average contribution of your supporters? On your donation form, you should have an option for your donors to choose a recurring gift of $5, $10 or more on a monthly basis. Think about it. If a single donor selected the option for $5 a month, over the course of 12 months, you would receive a contribution of $60 from that person, which is a high average gift for most small organizations.
  4. Create a GIF: We all know that images and photography catch peoples’ attention. Want to know how to make a GIF of a video you created because you think it will be more shareable? Add the letters “GIF” after “www.” and before the words “YouTube” on the URL of the video, and you’ll have a fun GIF to share with your audience that will hopefully grab their attention.
  5. Optimize mobile: More people are turning to mobile, including cell phones and tablets, to see the vast majority of the content on the internet. In fact, mobile surpasses desktops regarding viewership. Therefore, it’s essential to ensure that your website­­­––and your donation form––are mobile ready. If it isn’t, you’re probably missing donations from people who would give to you but can’t donate from their mobile devices easily.

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