The end of the year is only a couple of weeks away and now is the time for year-end fundraising to make sure that you close 2018 with as much of the fundraising dollars as possible. It is during this time where people are getting bonuses from work or looking to lower their tax obligation for the calendar year.

You want to make sure your supporters have not forgotten you!

Here are our brilliant tips to make sure that everyone who has given to your nonprofit in the past makes their year-end gift to you.

  1. Start with your board: Board members should all participate in financially supporting your charity. The best nonprofits that have policies for board giving, including “give or get” (e.g., give money or raise money) are typically the most sustainable organizations. Get an email out to all of your board members and remind them that as the leaders of the charity, it’s essential for them to give their gift to the organization where they have the privilege to serve. Make sure to ask everyone for a specific amount, especially if you don’t have a minimum amount for fundraising for your board.
  2. Call on major donors to support your cause: Send a last-minute email to your major donors (typically the top 20% of your donors) and ask them to give their gift to your charity. If they have not given to you during the year, remind them of the last time they gave a gift and tell them that you’re sending them a reminder for their 2018 contribution. If they did give in the current year, give them a compelling reason for them to provide you with a final gift for 2018. Some ideas might include that you may be behind in your fundraising goal for the calendar year and are in need of achieving it, or perhaps you’ve started a new program that needs a bit of a fundraising boost.
  3. Look at who has not given this year, but gave last year: For your broader group of donors and supporters, if they donated in 2017 or even 2016, but have not given you a financial donation for 2018, send out an email to them making a request. Make sure to remind them of the last time they donated to your cause and the amount they gave. Write to them with a request for the last couple of weeks of 2018 because your nonprofit still needs their support. Ask them for at least the same amount that they donated the last time they gave, and also ask them to consider a gift that bumps them up a little bit on the giving table.
  4. Get on social media and tell people to support your cause: Create an aggressive social media campaign where you update daily, and perhaps even several times each day, your followers on everything you do in the community. Provide lots of information, and make sure that a quarter of the posts have a request for financial support. Also, ask your followers to please share your posts as sharing will help your organization get more exposure and will allow your posts to last longer on people’s feeds before they begin to be deprioritized by the algorithms on social media platforms.
  5. Make it a point to thank your supporters: So many nonprofit organizations forget one thing that helps donors to continue to give––gratitude. Thank your donors and thank them often for the gifts and support that they show you during the entire year. Remind them that you could not do what you do without their help. It would be impossible. Everyone wants to be appreciated, and one of the best ways to have them continue to support you is to be grateful. Thank them for choosing to help your cause, which will encourage them to provide your nonprofit with their year-end gift.

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