School fundraising ideas can include selling chocolate and other items if you want, but thankfully we’ve come a long way from those days. There are a lot of easy and fun ways to raise money for the students in your school so they can get the best educational and extra-curricular programs and activities possible.



We’ve got the 5 top fundraising ideas for your school, youth group, PTA, or PTO club.

  • Shoe drive fundraising: The top school fundraising idea is shoe drive fundraising. It’s fun and easy and can raise thousands of dollars. No one has to sell any merchandise or ask for money. A check is issued when you partner with a shoe drive fundraising company for the shoes your school and students collect in this kid-friendly fundraiser, which keeps them from going into the trash. Eventually, the footwear goes to micro-entrepreneurs in developing nations. In other words, you raise money, help the environment and also people in developing nations.
  • Peer-to-peer fundraising: Peer-to-peer fundraising is a great way to get your broader community involved in supporting your school or youth groups. Volunteers, including parents and students, set up donation pages and they actively use social media to ask for support for their cause. Social networking platforms, such as Facebook, have made peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns a creative, practical and easy way to raise funds when people provide compelling images and stories to get others to support their cause.
  • Mobile-giving fundraising: Everyone, including many kids, carry mobile phones with them. Mobile giving is a straightforward way to raise money for your school programs, which includes text-to-give and fundraising auctions. Any event can be an opportunity to raise money for your students or youth group with mobile giving. A sports event, school fair or play, can provide a chance for your fundraising team to raise money using a mobile-giving platform.
  • Obstacle course: We all know that being healthy is good for overall health and wellness. Creating an obstacle course cannot only provide physical fun but can also raise money. If your school has a large outdoor area, building teams that have to compete through obstacle courses can bring fun and cash during a weekend. You can have parents and even school teachers or administrators participate for more fun in teams. Participants make a contribution when they register to compete on the obstacle course.
  • Spring or Fall Festivals: An old idea that still works wonders is a spring or fall festival. It’s an opportunity for your school families to have fun in the outdoors. For your festival, you can be as creative as you want to be, and many elements can be fundraising opportunities. You can have auctions, raffles, rides, games, foods, and even a car show or hayrides where participants pay to participate in any or all of these festival events.

By the way, when you do any fundraiser because schools have many kids and families that own gently worn, used and new shoes, a shoe drive fundraiser is an excellent way to raise additional funds as a stand-alone fundraiser or in compliment to another fundraiser.

If you want to know our 45 top ideas for school fundraising, take a look at one of our guides, which details lots of great thoughts for high schools, middle and elementary schools.


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