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Funds2Orgs Better Business Bureau reviews of successful fundraising

In six short weeks, our charity collected over 8,000 pounds of shoes (nearly 7500 pairs!) and last week we received a check for $3, 224.40 – less than one week after the truck came to pick up our shoes. Funds2Orgs was great to work with – very helpful, provided quick responses to questions (both by email and phone) and gave us great advice and encouragement. The community response was fantastic – lots of excitement and willingness to donate. We had several local churches, schools and businesses volunteer to be collection sites. Several neighborhoods also volunteered to hold shoe drives at their club houses and other non-profits in town offered to help us collect shoes. One of my favorite stories from the drive involved a local organization that ministers to an impoverished area in our county – caring for people, many of whom are disabled, elderly, and poor. They volunteered to put a collection box in their center and filled it up with shoes FIVE times. A gentleman came in one day with shoes falling apart and was able to pick out some “new” shoes from their clothes closet. He then took the old shoes off his feet and put them in our collection box – the director said it made him so happy to not just receive generosity but to be able to give generously in return. When I thanked them for helping us collect shoes, their director said, “No Thank YOU!!!! It has given our Grove Friends a way to give back!” I highly recommend partnering with Funds2Orgs to raise money for your non-profit by collecting shoes. Not only did we collect thousands of pairs and keep them out of the local landfills, we also had the opportunity to spread the word about Young Life to people and places who had never heard of us before now. This was a win-win for our community, our environment and our organization!Trina G.

Why do a shoe drive fundraiser with Funds2Orgs?

  1. zero out-of-pocket costs
  2. a check within 2 business days of receipt of shoes
  3. micro-entrepreneurs sell the shoes
  4. repurpose footwear and help mother nature

We are the leading for-profit social enterprise for shoe drive fundraisers in North America. You don’t have to ask your donors for money, and there are no out-of-pocket costs. Join others who have raised thousands in as little as 60 days with our support!


you will have a live team of fundraising coaches to work with you every day on your success


during your shoe drive fundraiser, you can utilize marketing items with no out-of-pocket costs to you


our logistics team will pick up the gently worn, used and new shoes from your location

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Funds2Orgs will issue your check within 2 business days after we receive the shoes at our warehouse for processing



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