As we know, social is essential to ensure that you raise the visibility of your nonprofit. But it’s changing all the time. No worries! Recently, our marketing team leader did a webinar that you could find here sharing everything you need to know about Instagram. In the webinar, you’ll have a chance to get up to speed on how to increase fundraising through the platform. By watching it, you’ll also find out about the following, and in this article, we’ll feature a few of the topics:

  • 2021 trends for Instagram
  • How to create engaging reels, stories, and content
  • Learn about new updates to the Instagram platform
  • Discover essential tools to create dynamic videos
  • And find out when to create Instagram ads for your nonprofit

Of course, it’s necessary to know everything you can about nonprofit marketing. Mastering it allows you to spread the word about your brand. And as a result, you have the chance to increase your visibility and fundraising revenue.

2021 Trends You Should Know About Instagram

Try Out Reels

Instagram launched Reels less than a year ago, and it’s an excellent opportunity for nonprofits. Think of Reels as TikTok for Instagram. In other words, the feature allows you to record and edit 15-second videos. Also, you have the opportunity to use creative tools to make your videos fun and effective.

Stories at the Top of the Instagram Feed

If your nonprofit uses Instagram, then you’ve seen Stories, which get featured at the top of the feed. Using Stories is a great idea because it’s the first thing your audience sees. Think about sharing highlights of what your team is doing during the day. And make sure to mix it up by using the “slideshow,” which allows you to add multiple videos and images.

Offer Your Audience Guides

A final cool feature for nonprofits about Instagram is its Guides. By using them, you have the chance to share quick tips, ideas, stats, and facts about the work you do. It also allows you to share updates or stories about your nonprofit work. Don’t miss the inspo nonprofits featured in the webinar and how they use Instagram.

10 Ways to Increase Engagement on Instagram

Now let’s look into 10 things you have to ensure you do to maximize your Instagram engagement.

1. Instagram Business Profile

Sometimes the things that get missed are the most obvious and the easiest. Make sure your nonprofit profile gets completed. And don’t miss the chance to link to your Facebook page and Ad account.

2. Best Times to Post

Everyone always asks, what’s the best time to post. Well, if you use a social media management tool, such as Later, you’ll know when you get the highest engagements. Certain times may work best for you than others.

3. Data Matters to Your Supporters

Everyone knows that you want to tug at the heartstrings for your nonprofit fundraising on social media. But, it’s also important to share data and metrics. So, make it a point to do it on Instagram as well.

4. Use Captions on Instagram

Images are great, and you could indeed tell a compelling story with a single image. But, make use of long-form captions that add context to your story. Consider it as a mini-blog.

5. Take Supporters Behind the Scenes

As we know, everyone wants to know your story, meaning your nonprofit story. One of the best ways to share it is to take your audience behind the scenes of the work you do with your team.


6. Quality Content is Essential On Instagram

There’s so much information out on social, so people want to see quality. You’ll increase your following by sharing high-value and quality content your supporters could save on their feeds.

7. Make Sure to Always Use Hashtags

Instagram makes excellent use of hashtags, and you could use lots of them. Make it a point to research trending or the best hashtags for your post so your audience will find you.

8. Having Fun With GIFs on Instagram Stories

As mentioned, Stories is a great feature because it’s at the top of everyone’s feeds. So, take advantage of it, and have fun with it. Use GIFs, polls, countdowns, and even donate buttons to capture peoples’ attention.

9. Make Use of Videos

When you learn to master tricks and tips about Instagram, one of the crucial things is to use videos—often. Sure, photos are great, but videos make people stop. Consider how-to’s, donor stories, or even live videos.

10. Make Use of Insights

Finally, on our tip list, make use of Insights. Doing so helps you understand which posts get the highest engagement. As a result, you could then adjust your content, for instance.

Tips for Making Great Instagram Videos

The following are highlights of what you’ll see on the webinar. These are just a few of the best tips for standout videos on Instagram.

  • Keep videos short (about 15 to 30 seconds)
  • Write a script if you need to for your videos
  • For Instagram Reels, here are a few idea tips:
    • Spotlight a nonprofit project
    • Go behind-the-scenes
    • Answer FAQs about your work or mission
    • Highlight volunteers or donors
    • Share something fun, yes, even dancing or being silly

We hope you enjoyed this post about Instagram. Don’t miss watching the entire webinar for all the information!

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