In this third installment in our series related to artificial intelligence in the nonprofit sector, we’re exploring human resources and recruitment. But, before we delve deeper into the topic, in case you’ve missed our earlier two articles, here’s what you missed.

We promised last week that we would tell you about one of the AI tools that we use within our shoe drive fundraising social enterprise.


We know that nonprofits need to ensure that the people they hire remain as long as possible with the organization because recruiting new team members is a significant cost. As a social enterprise, we’re also seeking to find the best employees to join our team that have the highest chances of staying with us for the long-term.

There are several tools that include SmartRecruiters, Jibe, and JobScore, which can considerably help your nonprofit find the best candidates in a much more efficient way that frees up your human resources professionals. We selected HigherMe, and some of what you can do with this type of technology includes the following:

Our Use of AI in Recruitment

For our team, we wanted to streamline the recruitment process, and it was essential for us to optimize it with the best possible candidates for our open positions. HigherMe, along with its competitors help organizations with the entire human resources process.

  • Applicants have the benefit of applying for jobs, and even asking questions that are answered by AI, whenever they want, which means they don’t have to wait for business hours and miss important emails that could easily end up in spam folders.
  • Job candidates can apply through a high-powered platform, and even through alternative methods, such as text-to-hire, which is available on HigherMe.
  • One of the functions that our HR team appreciates is that scheduling for in-person interviews is automatically handled when candidates choose available timeslots. Meaning, our team doesn’t have to waste time with telephone calls, emails and scheduling coordination, which can be an immensely time-consuming.
  • These platforms are optimized with job search tools, such as Indeed and Glassdoor.


The platform that we use provides to all candidates who apply a percentage score. The higher the score, the better the match. The rankings are based on how well a candidate answers questions, availability for work during the job hours, distance from our offices, and other criteria. Although we don’t yet use it, we can also request videos from all of our candidates.

While the platform helps us prioritize who we want to see first, it’s essential for our team as a matter of ethics and integrity to have a human involved and overseeing the entire process, including scanning all of the resumes a second time. However, we’ve discovered that we like HigherMe because it’s the best cost-effective and time-efficient recruiting technology for our team members.

Other Uses for AI in Human Resources

While recruiting is one of the most critical areas where artificial intelligence is making an impact, other tools are available for nonprofit HR professionals. For instance, if you happen to have a larger team, team members may find through AI whether the dates they would like to schedule for vacation work for the company or not because too many others have requested the same period.

Other types of AI can analyze the mood of team members after tough calls and can support nonprofit HR professionals in determining if its best that the employee has a little time for themselves to work through the stress and anxiety. Artificial intelligence can also be used for onboarding and training of team members within nonprofits. For an excellent list of some of the best available human resources technologies for the year, take a look at this list published by ideal.

We hope that you’re enjoying our series on artificial intelligence in the nonprofit sector. We’re always aiming to provide you with the best resources to ensure that your organization can grow and make an even more significant impact in your community. Next week, we’ll give you some of the best fundraising ideas for your nonprofit with the use of artificial technology.


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