Fall is an excellent time for arts and crafts for kids. The weather is beginning to cool down, and the kids are back to school. And, yes, one of the things they probably don’t like to do is homework. But, if you give them some arts and crafts and other ideas, it’s a great chance to bond with your children.

Before we get started on 3 of our top ideas for arts and crafts, let’s take a look at some of the recent articles for parents.

Benefits of Arts and Crafts for Kids

Aside from giving kids a stress-reliever from schoolwork and parent bonding, there are several reasons to get youth involved in projects. For instance, these kinds of activities can help develop coordination and fine motor skills. It can also improve visual processing and promotes self-esteem. But, one of the main reasons why doing arts and crafts benefits kids is because of creativity. When people have a chance to express themselves creatively, it’s a positive experience. Creativity provides children with an opportunity to explore their imagination. And, that’s always a great thing for child development.

3 Brilliant Fall Projects for Kids

Now that you know why arts and crafts are good for kids let’s take a look at some ideas. The following 3 ideas are a few of the top ones that you can do with your child, or they can decide to do for themselves. Let’s explore each of those ideas more fully. And, hopefully, you’ll choose to do a special project or encourage your child to do one for themselves.

1) Shoe Drive Fundraiser

You might not think of it, but a shoe drive fundraiser is a kid-friendly activity for kids of all ages. And, this type of event has many positives that make it a favorite with parents. So, all parents know every year they have to raise funds for their schools. It doesn’t matter what kind of school it is. Each year, there’s an ask for money for school families. Thus, a shoe drive fundraiser is a creative fundraiser that can get your kids (and community) involved in a fun event with a social impact.

Almost any child can get involved in this arts and crafts project. Parents and schools have been known to create fun art promoting the fundraiser. All students do is create promotional material and artwork. And then they help collect gently worn, used and new shoes. A fundraising company issues you a check for the shoes gathered. What’s more, this is a socially responsible fundraiser. Your school gets to raise money for its programs. Also, you and your kids keep good shoes out of landfills. We all know that’s bad for the environment. Finally, the shoes become inventory for small business owners to help themselves out of poverty.

2) Holiday Books as Arts and Crafts

We all know that most children are computer savvy. Another excellent arts and crafts idea that will get your kids in the holiday spirit is to create holiday books. These photo books can be gifts that your children can give to grandparents, their favorite teachers, or even you. Another plus about this project is that kids have the chance to learn a lot about digital photo platforms. As an example, your young book publishers can use Snapfish, Shutterfly, or Mixbook. But, there are plenty of other excellent platforms.

All your kids have to do is to gather high-quality photos, even from your phone. Then, you upload them onto the platform of your choice. Once you’ve got them all sorted, your kids will have a chance to use the templates provided to create a book easily. They’re limited only by their imaginations. By the way, photo books can also include words that they write. Encourage your kids to express themselves, however they please, in the photobooks. Once the projects are completed, submit their books to print. In a few weeks, they’ll receive a printed copy of their creation, which they can give as a gift.

3) Pine Cones and Rocks

We all know how essential nature is to life, and you can include an arts and crafts idea that will help them connect with the environment. Collect pine cones or even rocks, depending on your area. For pine cones, a platform such as Pinterest has many ideas to develop decorations. Encourage your kids to create fairies, bird feeders, ornaments, and more with those wonderful pine cones that drop from the trees.

Another arts and crafts idea involves rocks. And most people can find rocks in their local communities, beaches or wooded areas. If you and your kids decide to paint rocks, make sure to buy acrylic paints. That’s because acrylics work better on porous things, such as rocks and last longer in the elements. Once you have your paint colors together, spend the time getting creative in your arts and crafts projects. You can find out a little more about rock painting for your young artist at this link.

In sum, those are only 3 of hundreds of arts and crafts ideas for kids. Fall’s an excellent time to spend time with your child doing fun activities. We hope you enjoyed reading about these 3 ideas. And, if you do anything creative from them, please tag us on a photo, and we might share it with others!


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