We know that this year is unlike any other. We understand that the events of this year have affected schools, families, and children. However, education is of vital importance for all students. So, one of the things that our team wants to share with you a few of the best school and parent resources. The aim is to provide you with everything you could need to help the kids in their education and emotional wellbeing.

Back to School in the Era of COVID-19

Around the country, different school districts have different approaches to how they will educate children this year. Meaning, some schools are fully opening their back to school activities. Still, others intend to offer classes online or even with hybrid models. Whatever your school and district, the first place to begin is with health. So, make sure to have the CDC page for schools bookmarked. By doing so, if you’re a school administrator or parent, you could see the latest thinking by medical professionals. You could find the relevant CDC information page HERE.


Distance Learning & Other Resources for Educators

If you happen to be an educator, and this is your first time teaching remotely, things could become stressful. But, there’s no need to worry. As a result of everything that’s happened this year, there’s a lot of excellent information available. For instance, if you want a bit of guidance as you return to your back to school activities, there are several places concerning distance learning.

SSS Teaching

If you want to make sure that your distance learning goes off without a hitch, then take a look at SSS Teaching. Getting back to school doesn’t have to be hard, even at a distance. Amber, who is an educator, has lots of creative resources for elementary school professionals. As we know, remotely teaching young children is very different than in the classroom. So, Amber’s site provides excellent information about virtual lesson plans and even open house ideas for a virtual world.

Share My Lesson

This site is geared toward teachers in grades pre-K through 12. And, what’s more, there’s tons of information available for free. Further, Share My Lesson helps teachers, paraprofessionals, school support teams, and parents as well. Right now, they have easy back to school information accessible HERE. By checking out that information, you could learn about what to do in the first 30 days of school. And, you could also find about professional development webinars to keep up your skills.

Back to School with Scholastic

Everyone knows about Scholastic because they have provided excellent educational information for decades. On the Scholastic teacher blog, for instance, you could find lots of valuable information. However, as the nation returns to its back to school activities, perhaps you find Scholastic’s resources of great value. When you check out their resources, you get access to teaching tips, classroom resources, and book lists.



Resources for Parents & Remote Education For Back to School

As back to school activities start to kick-off, parents know that this year is a continual work in progress. And, because of the pandemic, that means that parents have more weight on their shoulders. That said, there are resources also available for parents to help ensure the success of the school year.

Forbes Article About Parental Involvement

By way of information, the Forbes article, Parent Involvement Has Always Mattered. Will the COVID-19 Pandemic Finally Make This The New Normal In K-12 Education? has thousands of readers, and for a good reason. It’s an excellent piece that should get read by all parents, so they understand more fully the implications of remote learning and education. As always, an informed citizenry is what drives change in our country. And our parents need to understand the issues.

Free Educational Resources for Parents

By choice, many parents homeschool their kids. But, this year is forcing parents to take responsibility for homeschooling because of the pandemic. And, if that’s the case with you, we found another great list to help, HUGE LIST of Free Educational Resources for Kids Due to School Closings #DistanceLearning. This list was put together by Lisa, who is a professional writer and parent.

PsychCentral Resources for Parents

The shift to remote learning, in whole or in part, brings anxiety for both parents and also children. So, as we enter back to school time, the new reality is something that still takes some getting used to for families. PsychCentral has a great list of resources for families you could find HERE. What’s more, the resources are ways to entertain and get a bit of fun and release. The information is grouped by age groups, and it’s a great list to keep you going for the whole school year—and beyond!



Getting Kids What They Need for Educational Success

Finally, we know that families, schools, districts, and school groups have to find innovative and creative ways to raise funds. So, check out How to Raise Money for Your Cause—Easily. Another excellent and popular post is How to Get Parents Involved in School Fundraising. And we know that any fundraiser or event activity needs promotion. So, take a look at our recent article How to Promote a Fundraiser: 5 Easy Ideas for more insights and information. The team at Funds2Orgs wants to wish all families, educators, and communities a great back to school season. And, for more information, please keep in mind our free white papers, blogs, and resource guides, including school fundraising ideas.


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