As many of you know, breast cancer awareness month is in October. But, the reality is that women get diagnosed with breast cancer throughout the year. And, because of it, nonprofits work every day to ensure that breast cancer is top of mind for their donors through fundraising events and other ideas. So, how can you maintain awareness of breast cancer at other times during the year? The following are our creative ideas to help your group make sure that people in your community remember your important work throughout the year.


1) Breast Cancer Awareness & Social Media

Something that you have to do always is to talk about issues related to breast cancer, and also tell the stories of survivors. One of the ways to do this, of course, is through social media. But, because the best way to communicate is to tell stories, one of our top ideas is to feature one survivor every month. In other words, ask a breast cancer survivor to tell her story every month and share it across social media to increase breast cancer awareness. Ask your supporters to share each story, which will inspire others dealing with the disease. And, it will remind donors that their funds are always needed to fight the disease.

2) Elite Sport Sock Fundraisers

Today’s consumer seeks to be themselves. In other words, people want to show their individuality. And, that’s one of the reasons why sneakers have become a fashion statement. But, so have socks! Therefore, a creative thing you can do to raise breast cancer awareness and funds is to do a sport sock fundraiser. When you do it, you’re not paying for the socks upfront. All you do is sell fun and cool socks that people will love to buy because it’s in support of a good cause. Also, people will enjoy wearing colorful socks to work or at any time throughout the day.

3) Advocacy & Awareness of Breast Cancer

Raising awareness and fundraising ideas for breast cancer go hand in hand. Have you ever thought about an advocacy campaign? Check out Salsa’s advocacy campaign guide so you can do it right. But, in a nutshell, when you do an advocacy campaign, you talk about your work. Meaning, it’s an opportunity to share everything about what you do. Advocacy campaigns also offer opportunities for the public to petition, rally, and advocate for the cause. Also, these types of events provide donors with a chance to support your work.

4) Matching Gift Drive

Did you know that each year, millions of dollars get left on the table through matching gifts? In addition, this is free money that corporations offer their employees for social good. Unfortunately, matching gifts is a revenue stream that many nonprofits don’t actively pursue well. With a partner such as Double the Donation, that could change for you so you can raise awareness of breast cancer and money. Its platform is the industry leader for matching gifts. And, with the right approach to marketing, your nonprofit can raise large sums of money for your important work.

5) Sorority Fundraising

Today’s Gen Z is one of the most socially aware and activist generations of modern times. Meaning, they’ve picked up where Millennials left off on college campuses. One of the best ways for you to raise awareness for breast cancer is to partner with your local colleges and university sororities. The idea is to ask sororities to partner with you on the fundraising. For instance, ask them to go 50/50 on fundraising. They need funds for the activities, as do you for your cause. By partnering, you’ll get new supporters in Generation Z. And, they’ll also have a chance to learn about an issue that could affect them or people they know.

6) 5K Fundraiser for Breast Cancer Awareness

If you work at a nonprofit dealing with breast cancer, then you know about 5Ks. But, did you know that one of the most creative ways to raise awareness for breast cancer, and also raise funds, is to recycle the sneakers in a fundraiser? Sneakers4Funds has an excellent guide of 21 Awesome 5K Fundraiser Ideas that you can do. For example, you can do a running shoe drive. But, you can also sell t-shirts, have a dunk tank at your 5K, and do a Jingle Bell Run. All of these ideas and more are available in the free guide to make a 5K that much more interesting and fun.

7) Remind the Public to Do a Breast Exam

Finally, one of the best things you can do to promote breast cancer awareness is to remind the public to do breast exams. This kind of social activism will help you raise awareness around this issue. There are several ways your nonprofit can promote breast exams and raise awareness. For example, you could have a page on your website solely dedicated to reminding women of the reasons they must have breast exams. Or, you can share on social media instances that may indicate to women when they should see a doctor for a breast exam. Make it a point to remind the public about breast exams regularly. It will go a long way toward encouraging women to go for an exam. But, it will also position your group as a leader in breast cancer awareness and advocacy. In turn, that will raise more funds for you.


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