Are you looking for another fundraising opportunity? Or, did you start a nonprofit for kids, for instance, and you need funds? Then look no further than grandparents! One of the best places to get charitable contributions is from grandparents. Generation X are now grandparents as their Millennial children have their own kids. So, let’s take a look at some facts of giving by Gen X by Campbell & Company.

  • Gen X represents more than 25 percent of the global population.
  • The U.S. has 66 million Gen Xers.
  • Gen X represents about 19 percent of charitable contributions in the U.S.

But, while Gen X has entered the age of grandparenting, don’t forget that grandparents can also include the Boomer generation. So, it’s essential not to only think of grandparents as a particular group. Instead, it’s critical to think of grandparents and their relationships to their grandkids when wanting to create grandparent fundraising opportunities.



Get Grandparents to Make Charitable Contributions

When your school or youth group wants grandparent fundraising, there are a few ways to get them involved. Let’s explore some of our best tips for getting grandparents involved in school fundraising ideas.

Get the grandkids involved

The first place to start for charitable contributions by grandparents is to get the grandkids involved, of course! Let’s say that you’re looking to do a shoe drive fundraiser. When you do that, Credential Shoes ships the shoes to micro-entrepreneurs in around the world. They seek work opportunities for themselves, and no charity, so it’s a great fundraiser! However, any fundraiser should include grandparents and their grandkids! Figure out events for grandparents to do with their grandkids. For example, perhaps grandparents and their grandchildren participate in a shoe collection event. Or, they can have a shoe packing party together. Whatever your fundraiser (check out Fundly’slist of fundraising ideas), the main point is to get grandparents partnering with the grandkids.

Create a grandparent/grandchild volunteer group

As you think about fundraising ideas for kids, another great tip is to develop a volunteer committee.  As noted, grandparents want to spend time with their grandkids. In fact, that’s the most important thing to them. And, the creativity will encourage charitable contributions. So, an excellent idea is to get a volunteer group together. Have grandparents and grandkids to brainstorm your fundraiser. If the grandchildren are too young to be part of a committee, then invite their parents to bring their own parents!

Increase charitable contributions with a grandparents committee

According to this Classy infographic, Gen X is generous. And, they are twice as likely to give charitable donations to the organizations where they volunteer. So, an excellent idea to do is to create a fundraising committee of grandparents. And, that’s even truer if your part of a school or youth group where you need fundraising dollars. Again, grandparents care about their families, and especially the grandkids. Therefore, engaging them more fully is a great way to go. Think about developing different fundraising groups. And, that should include one where grandparents can fundraise! It will help you raise more money. But, it will also allow them to get to know other grandparents. They’ll love that!

Grandparents as major donors or board members

Finally, remember that people who are at the height of their earning power are Gen Xers. So, an excellent final tip is to create a fundraising campaign for grandparents. Think about how Gen X individuals (or Boomer) prefer to give. Create events for them to get much more involved with your group. Think about some of them as major gift prospects and perhaps even as potential board members.

Grandparents are an excellent source for charitable contributions. Often, many groups think of fundraising from parents and their community, but they forget grandparents. So, this is a unique opportunity for your school or nonprofit group to have new prospects who are much more likely to want to support your cause.


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