A New Year brings with it new opportunities, and one of them is charity streaming. Haven’t heard of it? No worries. We’re going to explain it here for you. However, what we do want to say first is that nonprofit fundraising is changing. Because of technology and the power of Millennials and Generation Z, an environment of innovation and creative fundraising is happening. In the years ahead, it will only accelerate. So, if you want your nonprofit to stay ahead of the curve, explore and test fundraising beyond the traditional methods.

As an example of the changes happening, one of our most successful resources last year was our Gaming for Good guide. We also had great success with Gaming Resource for Marathons. We continue to hear from nonprofits that they have to find new and creative ways to raise money. Donors get tired, and in fact, they are no longer interested in only traditional fundraising. So, the best nonprofits are exploring how to get creative to get the support they need. As a result, there’s plenty of opportunities to raise funds through gaming or charity streaming.

Live Streaming for Charity

Before we get into what streaming for charity is, let’s explain briefly live streaming. Once you understand it, you’ll see why streaming for charity could become another fundraising stream for you. Essentially, live streaming is a broadcast that people do. It’s done in real-time but also recorded for later viewing. For instance, you may have seen people on Facebook live streaming an important event so their friends can share it.

Why is live streaming so popular? The answer is simple. People love seeing videos, and social media makes it easy for visual image sharing. The more popular that social media became, the higher the increase there has been for visuals. As a result, live streaming grew in importance. And fortunately for nonprofits, many live streamers have passions for social good. So, streaming for charity became an opportunity for nonprofits to raise money and awareness for their causes.



Streamlabs Fundraising Tools for Your Nonprofit

Recently, Streamlabs made a significant announcement for charity streaming. One thing to understand is that young people will raise money for charity and good causes. However, they won’t do it in traditional nonprofit fundraising ways. Thus, if you are open to understanding how to raise money in the digital age, charity streaming can unlock new support as one of your fundraising ideas for a new year. Streamlabs is joining Twitch to help gamers streaming for charity. As we mentioned, in this community, there is a lot of passion for good causes.

Streamlabs announced that it, too, was going to offer the ability for people to do charity streaming. And, to promote social good on its platform, it partnered with groups such as Make-A-Wish, Special Olympics, and the Arbor Day Foundation. The Streamlabs software gets broadcast on platforms such as Twitch. It’s only reasonable that Streamlabs would make it easier for streamers to raise funds and ensure the monies are going where they’re supposed to be going. Further, unlike other providers, Streamlabs has committed to not charging transaction fees.

In sum, Streamlabs has made it easier for charity streaming because it offers gamers a chance to browse through charitable campaigns. A New Year means you have an opportunity to look at your fundraising differently. So, take a look at two of our useful guides for gaming here and here. It will provide you with insights that could help your cause raise funds in a whole new way. Also, check out our latest video on YouTube, and subscribe to our channel to learn more about unique fundraising ideas.


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