A Church Finds Shoe Drive Fundraising Success

 Chris O. sang our praises on the Better Business Bureau website. We’ve worked with thousands of religious organizations that are in need of raising money to help their missions.

 Our church recently teamed up with to help us raise funds for our church. We signed the contract with them and started our campaign in April of 2016. Our coach, was assigned to us and kept in constant contact with us to find out how we were doing on our shoe drive. She provided excellent tips weekly to help us find sources in which to collect our shoes, which was very helpful and gave us ideas which we had not come up with at the time. These tips did help us gain additional shoes for our campaign. They provided us with materials in which to have the shoes shipped out in a timely manner and provided us extra materials quickly when we ran out. They truly took a genuine interest in how we were to succeed in our campaign. They were always available to answer any of our questions and cheer us on when we were feeling a bit down. I cannot say enough good things about this experience and were successful in our campaign to raise the funds we needed. We look forward to future endeavors with them for raising additional funds for our organization to help further the kingdom of God.

 * This post originally appeared on the Better Business Bureau website and may have minor edits for grammar, brevity, and clarity.

To learn more about how a shoe drive fundraiser works, please click here.

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