Looking at how to get the community involved in your fundraising? One of the most significant opportunities that exist, but is often missed when nonprofits are brainstorming their fundraising ideas, is to create and develop relationships for community partnerships. The reality is that major donors, individuals and also institutional funders, such as corporations or foundations, like supporting opportunities where there are partnerships.

If your organization hasn’t thought about community partnerships, you may be missing a golden marketing and fundraising opportunities. Groups that have developed partnerships have been able to create winning situations that have strengthened their programs, created a value proposition for both organizations within the community and helped nonprofits obtain expertise and skills they might not have been otherwise able to afford.

Samples of Community Partnerships

Nonprofit, schools or charitable groups have partnered with corporations, foundations, local businesses and government community partners to achieve some of the following:

  • Small educational programs have partnered with local schools or companies to find instructional space for students when there have not been the funds for a building. These types of partnerships have allowed innovative programs to have classroom space without capital expense.
  • Nonprofits have partnered with corporations to sponsor event expenses, such as printing costs for invitations to gala events.
  • Charities have partnered with local businesses and companies to sponsor races and events to raise money and awareness for health and wellness, for instance, by partnering to promote walks, marathons, and other community-wide sporting events.
  • Technological support has been provided to small nonprofit organizations in need of social media expertise, website design or even CRM expertise.

The ideas for community partnerships are endless and are limited only by the imagination of the organizational teams on how groups can work together in community partnerships. But, when these connections take place, and when they are properly promoted, they help build positive brand awareness for the partners and so much more!

Ideas for Finding Community Partners

Most nonprofit organizations can use the help of others, but it doesn’t have to be limited to raising money from corporations, foundations, and other groups. Instead, if you do a little brainstorming, you will discover that you can create an opportunity that will help build your brand awareness and give you some additional resources you may need in the process. That’s one of the ways to discover how to get your community involved!

  • Nonprofit Alliance: Many groups specialize in a particular mission, but they have ancillary needs that can be fulfilled by a charitable partner. For instance, if you’re involved in a school or youth education program, you can partner with a local after-school program that will bring additional services––and a new initiative for funding. Donors like it when nonprofits align complementary services which only expands and enhances what is offered to those served in the community.
  • Partnership Committee: If you’re looking seriously for a partnership that will enhance your work, create a partnership committee between your group and the organization with whom you would like to partner. To have the highest chances of success for funding, define the goals, objectives, and tactics that will be done between your group and your partner.
  • Portfolio Programs: If you’re looking for a strong sponsorship partnership between your nonprofit and a funder, develop a portfolio list of programs for them. Engage in a dialogue that creates a win/win situation for your group and an opportunity for your partner, especially if you’re dealing with a corporate funder, to meaningfully demonstrate that they are good corporate citizens.
  • Cost-Sharing: The vast majority of nonprofits are typically under-resourced, which means they are in need of money. Seeking partners to help your organization share the costs of rent, supplies, and equipment. Usually, if you order in bulk or larger volume, your unit price decreases. Cost-sharing for similar materials your organization and its partners need is an excellent opportunity to lower costs in the long-term.

Learn More About How to Get Your Friends Involved

That’s how to get your community involved! But, if you’re looking to discover and learn new ideas that can spark an opportunity for a community partnership, watch Joe’s video and see what he thinks about the topic. 


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