Socially Responsible Companies: Small Business Approach

Socially responsible companies are not only multi-nationals. In fact, millions of small businesses understand that they should practice corporate social responsibility (CSR). In brief, CSR means simply being socially aware of the impact of your business on society and the environment. Today’s consumer is seeking to patronize socially responsible companies. But, small businesses don’t often realize that they can do it without having to make significant financial contributions. What’s more, when your community learns about your CSR, it has a positive impact on your brand and also the bottom line.

CSR for Shoe Specialty Stores and Manufacturers

Today, the public is very aware of any business, large or small, and their impact. So, one of the best things to do as an entrepreneur or business leader is to join the movement of socially responsible companies. As an example, for retailers and manufacturers who sell shoes, the public doesn’t want more textiles ending up in landfills when the new season’s inventory arrives. And they don’t want to know shoes are burned and destroyed to protect brand images. Funds2Orgs, accredited by the Better Business Bureau, can take excess inventory, returns and unsold merchandise. And, it can also convert it into money for your business or a good cause.

Shoes for Social Good

Shoes for Social Good

Have you wanted to make a positive social impact, but have not had enough additional revenue to support a good cause? Funds2Orgs can be your answer. When you partner with Funds2Orgs, there’s no need for you to make any financial contribution. Instead, we can create a CSR opportunity for you in one of two ways:

  1. We can get any excess inventory and old merchandise off your hands. In exchange, you’ll receive a check for your favorite cause.
  2. You can set yourself as a drop-off location for your community to deposit their unwanted and unused shoes. What does this do for you? You get great publicity for your CSR efforts. You get people into your store, even if you don’t sell shoes. And, you help make a significant global impact. Of course, you’ll also receive a check from us.

CSR Benefits for Your Small Business or Company
When you partner with Funds2Orgs, you do so much by collecting shoes. For instance, you not only raise money for a good cause, but you make a global difference. As an example, you help keep shoes out of the trash and landfills and provide your community with a way to dispose of shoes that is socially responsible. And, you also help micro-entrepreneurs in developing countries. In other words, the shoes you collect get shipped to them by Funds2Orgs for commerce. As small business owners in nations with limited and high poverty, they sell the shoes for profit and sustainable incomes.

Find out how you can become one of the socially responsible companies with this innovative program. Call us today at 407.930.2979 or email [email protected].


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