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This week, our excerpt from the guide focuses on corporate social responsibility (CSR) and how to make the most of it on Giving Tuesday, and throughout the year!

How to Promote CSR on Giving Tuesday

  1. Social Media

Talk with your corporate partners and supporters in advance of Giving Tuesday and ask them to help you amplify your message. Corporations are very involved in promoting the causes they support on the global day of giving, and if they understand that you also need their megaphone, they will help you. Ask them to tag your organization when they use the #GivingTuesday and #UNselfie hashtags.

  1. Workplace Giving Campaign

During Giving Tuesday, and throughout the year, many companies have workplace giving campaigns. Ask local corporate supporters and prospects in your community about their workplace giving programs. Also, see if the companies in your area are doing anything special with their employees around workplace giving. Giving Tuesday is an opportunity for corporations to demonstrate to the public through the media that they are good corporate citizens and many sponsor special events and activities.

  1. Donate Your Commissions or A Portion of Your Sales

If you happen to live in a community where there is a strong brokerage or financial community, many, if not most, will be giving be donating a portion of their commissions made on Giving Tuesday to nonprofits or making some other sort of contribution to charity. If your organization happens to have someone who is on your board or a donor who is in the financial industry, have a conversation with them and see if your group can be one of those supported on this particular day of philanthropy. It will not only bring you money, but it will also provide you press because companies promote it in the media.

  1. Matching Gifts

As we’ve explained earlier, matching gifts are an excellent source of fundraising dollars, which are often overlooked. Giving Tuesday is an excellent time to get the word out to all of your supporters who work in companies or larger corporations that their gift to you can be matched by twice or even three times. Create a special matching gift outreach on social media, and through direct response asking your current donors who work for corporations to visit their human resources offices so they can complete matching gift forms to double and even triple their gift.

  1. Volunteer Day of Service

If you have even a few corporate donors and supporters or volunteers, Giving Tuesday is an excellent day to see if they would provide you volunteer time as a day of service. Many corporations, especially those with robust CSR programs will encourage their teams to go out into the community on this day. Remember, this is an opportunity for them to demonstrate that they are good corporate citizens in your town. Also, volunteers taking the day at your organization to help you is an excellent opportunity for you and your volunteers to post on social media because it’s philanthropy in action.

If you want to learn more about CSR and how to offer value to your corporate partners, don’t forget to download the Funds2Orgs free Giving Tuesday resource guide!

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