If your nonprofit, school, church or civic group is looking to do a fundraiser, you don’t want to have only your donors support your work. You’re always looking to have new people join your efforts to raise awareness, grow your donor base and expand your programs and services.

Engaging the broader community beyond your everyday supporters is not easy, but with a concerted effort, and a little creativity, it can bring your organization great benefit.

The following is a list of 25 ways to engage your community in fundraising!

  1. Ask your local mayor, chamber of commerce, city council or other community officials to draft up a resolution or give you a letter of support for your cause.
  2. Get a press release out about your fundraiser, and also pitch your fundraiser to your local reporters for a story.
  3. Apply for a Google Grant to allow you to get more advertising dollars for your digital marketing.
  4. Ask your most loyal supporters to share quick video testimonials about the work you do, and then share them and ask others to share them as well.
  5. Create a speakers’ bureau to serve has experts regarding the work you do with the media. Use your team members, your board of directors and even loyal donors.
  6. Give your supporters an incentive to share your content. Ask them to share something fun, tag you or use a particular hashtag, and then share it as well.
  7. In-kind support is valuable. Get marketing, fundraising, and finance pros on board to work with you and lend their expertise.
  8. Allow your supporters to create their own personal fundraising pages off of your site. It will expand your brand and fundraising reach.
  9. Create a “Story” page on your website and share with others stories from your donors about why they’ve gotten involved in your nonprofit.
  10. Ask local businesses to support your fundraiser, and in exchange, promote their businesses in all of your promotional and marketing materials.
  11. Ask your board members, major donors or even local companies and foundations to host an event to benefit your organization (e.g. breakfast, cocktails in a private home, cocktails at a board room).
  12. Reach out to your local college groups, sororities or fraternities to help you in your fundraising and marketing efforts.
  13. As your supporters and donors give to your campaign, promote their efforts and thank them on social media.
  14. Develop a group of social media ambassadors who will help your organization consistently. Provide them the messaging and engage with them on social networks to keep them motivated and engaged.
  15. Hold contests for your fundraiser. Contests will help you raise awareness and get people interested who may not know your organization.
  16. Make sure your “DONATE NOW” button on your website is prominent and easily seen on all pages of your site.
  17. Tell people why you’re doing a fundraiser, and why their support is critical. Make it succinct and think of it like your elevator pitch.
  18. Get your board of directors and team members to call donors and prospects on the database to simply say, “Thank you.” Acknowledging people is an excellent way to drive up engagement and raise more money.
  19. Sponsor community events by buying banners or contributing to efforts that involve your local neighborhoods.
  20. Make a presentation at your local chamber of commerce and community organizations.
  21. If you are doing a community event, make sure to have a tablet handy, such as an iPad, so people can make on-the-spot donations.
  22. If you have any groups or teams raising money for you, encourage them as they hit fundraising milestones and make sure to thank them publicly.
  23. Reach out to bloggers that are aligned with your work and ask them if they would write a piece (or accept a guest post) about your fundraiser.
  24. Ask for a specific amount from donors.
  25. Have a clear call to action always for your donors, supporters and broader community.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our list of 25 ways to engage your community!

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