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From our free resource paper, this week we’re pulling excerpts about how to get your community and civic leader involved.

7 Brilliant Tips on How to Maximize Community Involvement

Giving Tuesday is an excellent time to see about partnering with other groups so that both organizations can expand their sphere of influence in the community.

  1. Shoe Drive Fundraiser

Want to know what one of the easiest ways to raise money for your cause is that doesn’t involve asking for money? It’s a shoe drive fundraiser. On Giving Tuesday, you will likely ask your supporters for funds, but what if you could also provide them with an additional revenue stream that is not going to cost them a penny? All they have to do is collect gently worn, used and new shoes and give them to you.

  1. Alliances

The best nonprofits are excellent at what they do, and they specialize in their market. In other words, they’re not all things to all people. However, there are ways your nonprofit can partner with other charities and groups for Giving Tuesday to broaden the reach of both organizations within your community.

  1. Shout Outs

We’ll give you some excellent information for making sure that you can tap into corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs in the next chapter. But, a great bit of outreach your institutional funders can provide you on Giving Tuesday is for them to get the word out to their followers and supporters in the community about their support of your organization..

  1. Social Media

By now, you know that any marketing effort has to include digital, and social media in particular. Social networking allows your organization to promote your cause in a low-cost or free manner. Something to remember is that the primary driver for Giving Tuesday, aside from giving to charity, is to encourage people to support an organization and promote it across all digital and social media.

  1. Mobilize Through Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding is a great way to get beyond your immediate database of supporters, and there’s no better time to begin than on Giving Tuesday. As always, you start with the closest people to you, and then move out from that point. Your supporters will help you build momentum and create a “winning” fundraiser.

  1. Matching Gifts

An easy way to get additional money within your community is to promote matching gifts. Each year millions upon millions of dollars are left at the corporate table, so to speak, because employees are not aware that their company can make a matching contribution to whatever an employee donates to a recognized charitable organization.

  1. Sell Products

A great way to spread the word in your community, and create another revenue stream is to sell products, such as t-shirts, bracelets, or baseball caps. For Giving Tuesday, ask your donors to take an #UNselfie wearing your t-shirts or baseball caps for a subtle way to spread your brand message across social media!

A Word About Your Local Civic Leaders

When you want to raise visibility, an excellent resource is your local politicians, community and civic leaders. Although politicians won’t likely donate to your organization, they are interested in helping their constituents because when they do it, it helps get votes when election time rolls around. Also, your local civic groups, such as the Rotary Club, Knights of Columbus or other Chamber of Commerce, are all excellent sources of support to help you take action for Giving Tuesday.

To find out about the 3 Excellent Ways to Get Civic Leaders Involved, download the free Funds2Orgs Giving Tuesday resource paper today!

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