American Cancer Society Cancer Walk Fundraisers

There is a way most people can support and help sponsor your cause without having to give money. All they have to do is give you their gently worn, used and new shoes before or after a cancer walk. Funds2Orgs will issue you a check for the shoes collected. The more footwear that's given, the higher the amount of the check from Funds2Orgs.

As a fundraising partner, and as an American Cancer Society volunteer or staff member, your chapter will work with a dedicated Funds2Orgs fundraising coach, gearing you up for a successful fundraiser shoe drive fundraiser. Imagine asking your community to support your efforts for cancer research, by giving pairs of gently worn, used and new shoes in a creative and unique shoe drive fundraiser.

Call a Funds2Orgs fundraising coach now to find out how a shoe drive fundraiser can make your cancer walk or fundraising event even more successful.

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