Funds2Orgs offers your group new basketball fundraising ideas that involve the collection of gently worn, used and new shoes. That means that you don't have to ask anyone for money. It's a zero calorie fundraiser where all you do is ask your supporters for footwear.

Through shoe drive fundraisers, your team engages the community and builds team unity on and off the court in a whole new and unique way. We encourage your players to reach out and engage their fans and supporters to participate at any level. A pair of shoes is all it takes to show your team spirit!

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Basketball Fundraiser to Share YOUR Love of the Game

By collecting gently worn, used and new shoes, your AAU basketball, and basketball fundraiser can be lots of fun. The clubs and teams we've worked with have used it to foster team and community spirit. Funds2Orgs will issue you the check once your shoe drive fundraiser is completed.

Funds2Orgs has partnered with teams across the country looking for engaging basketball team fundraising ideas and basketball tournament fundraisers. Our goal is to help your team meet your goals. Our no calorie fundraiser is perfect for groups of all sizes, with no out-of-pocket expenses to your group.

Interested in learning more about our basketball fundraising ideas? Give us a call today and connect with a Funds2Orgs fundraising coach.

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