Church Fundraisers

Funds2Orgs has partnered with many churches across the U.S. for church fundraisers to enhance outreach to parishioners and youth. Collecting gently worn, used, and new shoes is a sacrificial way to raise funds that help your congregation and families in developing nations.

Find out why a shoe drive fundraiser is a great answer for church fundraisers

Traditional church fundraisers no longer resonate or inspire the new generation of donors. New and younger followers, as well as the evolving priorities of long-standing supporters, have changed church fundraising dynamics. Congregations are seeking fundraising ideas for churches that actively involve their communities so families can give their time, instead of only supporting their faith efforts with money.

Fund2Orgs has worked with many churches and their groups to help them raise funds for their ministries in a creative and unique way. By collecting gently worn, used and new shoes, your next church fundraiser could exceed traditional giving methods. You can also go beyond your followers and reach out to the broader community. The shoes collected from your church fundraiser benefit micro-entrepreneurs in developing nations, helping families and communities in poverty find economic opportunity, jobs, and hope. Your church fundraiser now goes beyond the pulpit and reaches out to the worldwide community, relieving suffering in impoverished communities while aiding your mission at home. If you’re seeking a new way to engage your community actively in supporting your work, please email Funds2Orgs today at [email protected] or call us at 407.930.2979 to learn more about our church fundraisers.


The Kid-Friendly "No Sell" Way


This back-to-school resource is essential for school groups who want to get new fundraising ideas and their budget back on track.

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