Fundraising for International NGOs

Every year, Funds2Orgs helps thousands of organizations, nonprofits, and schools in the U.S. meet and exceed their fundraising goals. We've now opened up to the international fundraising community. Funds2Orgs is extending our reach, helping global NGO organizations achieve their financial goals through shoe drive fundraisers.

Find out how shoe drive fundraisers can help support International fundraising NGOs and worthy causes around the world

Our global partners can now see for themselves why we are the leading shoe drive fundraising company in the U.S. and so dominant in North America. With Funds2Orgs, your NGO can raise money for your organization by collecting gently worn, used and new shoes. We'll issue you a check. The footwear you gather helps micro-entrepreneurs in developing nations seeking an economic path out of poverty, and by repurposing shoes, we lower our carbon footprint and improve our planet's sustainability. To learn more about our NGO fundraisers, please send an email to [email protected] or call us in the U.S. directly or on WhatsApp at +1.407.930.2979.




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