PTO Fundraisers

Independent and district-level school groups not associated with the National PTA rely on themselves. Parent communication councils, home and school associations, and parent-teacher groups all represent PTO organizations. Funds2Orgs has partnered with many of these types of organizations to help them raise money in creative and unique PTO fundraisers.

PTO fundraisers come in all forms. Have your students tried shoe drive fundraising?

Teachers, school administrators and districts understand the obstacles they have in fundraising. Additionally, in communities with few or limited resources, there are even greater challenges in raising money. For some schools, you have PTO groups raising $20 per student in fundraising dollars while their more affluent counterparts on the other side of town raise more than $1,000 per student. Parents and families may also have limited time and resources. Some independent districts have restricted the number of times schools can fundraise during the school year. Others have placed rules regarding how school fundraising dollars can be spent.

By collecting gently worn, used and new shoes, PTO organizations we’ve worked with have found they can creatively raise thousands of dollars. They’ve also discovered that they’ve been able to engage school families who have only to give the footwear they no longer use. Why don’t you find out today what Funds2Orgs can do for your PTO group? Email us at [email protected] to request more information or call 407.930.2979 and speak to one of our in-house fundraising coaches. Learn how we can partner and provide you with an innovative PTO fundraiser.


The Kid-Friendly "No Sell" Way


This back-to-school resource is essential for school groups who want to get new fundraising ideas and their budget back on track.

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