Rotary Club Fundraisers

Rotary Club groups are seeking new ways to raise money. The Rotary Club is one of the largest international civic organizations in the world. And, to ensure the continuation of their programs fundraising, including Rotary Club scholarship fundraisers, are an important aspect of each chapter's community engagement.

Rotary club fundraisers can extend their mission to a greater worldwide community, through shoe drive fundraisers with Funds2Orgs.

By partnering with Funds2Orgs, Rotary Clubs can host successful Rotary fundraising events and make a greater impact in their communities. Through shoe drive fundraisers, Rotary Clubs raise money to meet their organizational goals and also help individuals in developing nations establish micro-enterprise businesses so they can help themselves out of poverty.

Bring the Community Together for Your next Rotary Fundraising Event

Shoe drive fundraisers with Funds2Orgs are the perfect way to engage your group and community. As a fundraising partner, your Rotary Club chapter will work with a dedicated Funds2Orgs fundraising coach, gearing you up for a successful rotary fundraising event.

Imagine instead of asking your community for monetary donations, asking them to collect and give you pairs of gently worn, used and new shoes. The more shoes you gather, the higher the check will be from Funds2Orgs. It is a real win-win fundraiser. Your friends and family can clean out their closets and help your Rotary Club meet your fundraising goals.

By collecting gently worn, used and new shoes, your Rotary Club can discover a fresh, new and easy way to raise money. All you do is collect the footwear and Funds2Orgs will issue you a check for the shoes you collect. The more shoes you gather, the more money you will make for your Rotary Club scholarship fundraiser.

Your Rotary Club has whole new ways to raise money today with our shoe drive fundraisers! Contact Funds2Orgs to connect with a fundraising coach and learn more about how this no out-of-pocket fundraiser works!