Youth Group Fundraisers

To make a lasting impact, youth group fundraisers can’t rely solely on church donations anymore. Many churches struggle to meet their financial goals, often, not including the youth group in their yearly budgets. Our youth group fundraisers provide essential resources for youth camps, retreats and day trips.

Starting youth group fundraisers doesn't have to be hard with shoe drive fundraisers.

Funds2Orgs has a fresh approach to youth group fundraising ideas, teaching your members the impact they can have at home, the worldwide community, and environment, because the shoes they collect help people in developing nations and Mother Nature. For more information about how Funds2Orgs can help your youth group, please contact our office and speak with a fundraising coach.

Traditional fundraising ideas for youth groups involve selling products, raffle tickets, car washes, or discount cards -- but your youth group members often participate in the same fundraisers at their schools. Youth group fundraisers need to focus beyond raising money to engage their participants fully. Through shoe drive fundraisers, your youth group members engage their peers, families, friends, and community to clean out their closets and donate their gently worn, used and new shoes. Successful youth fundraising ideas develop team building skills, enhance awareness of the mission, increase fun, and of course, raise funds. Contact Funds2Orgs today at [email protected] or call 407.930.2979 and see how we can work to make YOUR youth group fundraisers more successful.


The Kid-Friendly "No Sell" Way


This back-to-school resource is essential for school groups who want to get new fundraising ideas and their budget back on track.

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