Good fundraising ideas can include your friends! We know that millions of people participate in peer-to-peer fundraising. You see it when friends raise money for their birthday on Facebook. Or, if they run a race, they ask you to support them with their donation page. But, we know that although it’s acceptable to ask your friends to get involved, it has to get done right. In other words, the relationship you have with your friends always has to be front and center.

Aside from a generic fundraising request for your birthday on Facebook, what should you think about when approaching friends? Well first, as mentioned, keep your relationship top of mind. Always be sensitive to what may be happening in their lives. Remember, sometimes things happen in life, and it might not be a good time for more than an open general request on social media. In other words, if you know something is happening in someone’s life that is a challenge, be sensitive to their needs and space.

Most of the time, however, fundraising with friends can be lots of fun. So, let’s discuss how to get them to support one of your fundraising ideas. Or, if you seek to start a nonprofit, it can also help you!


Good Fundraising Tips for Involvement by Your Friends

After you have a fundraising idea for your school, church, or sports team, it’s time to get friends involved.

Don’t ask for money

The first thing to do is not to hit up your friends before you know them. For example, have you ever met someone new, and the first thing they do is ask you for a favor? You might do it, but that leaves a sour taste. So, as we’ve mentioned, your relationships with people need care. They need time. Share time with your friends and enjoy their company. That way, when the time does come for fundraising with friends, they will support you because they know you well.

How to start fundraising with friends

When you’re passionate about something, you want to share it. That’s awesome! Something you can do before considering any good fundraising ideas is just to talk about your favorite cause. Share with your friends what group your support—and why. If you support a charity, tell your friends why it’s meaningful to you. And, explain a bit about what that group does for the community. In other words, inform and educate before any fundraiser. It will go a long way toward helping you when you do a fundraiser later.

Get friends involved when they’re curious

Sometimes, when you tell a friend that you’re interested in a charity, they will ask you more questions. And, it even happens that they might want to get involved as well. If you volunteer for a nonprofit or cause that you think might be of interest to some friends, ask them if they would like to join you. For example, let’s say that you volunteer at a school, and one day over the summer you volunteer to paint classrooms. If the school needs more volunteers, a great way to introduce friends to your cause is to ask them to join you. They will feel inspired by painting classrooms or doing some other fun fundraising event.

When you want to make a financial ask specific friends for a cause

Let’s say that you decide to do a fundraiser. Maybe you choose to do crowdfunding. Or, perhaps you choose an easy fundraiser that doesn’t involve money. In that case, you decide to do a shoe drive fundraiser. Credential Shoes ships the footwear to micro-entrepreneurs in developing countries. In other words, instead of charity, small business owners help themselves out of poverty with work. In any event, you want your friends to support your good fundraising ideas. So, how do you start? The following steps ensure you get as much support as possible for your cause.

  • Develop a list of friends.
  • Prioritize the list. Start with those closest to you and then work out from there.
  • Ask those closest to you to volunteer and reach out to others whom they think might support a particular charitable cause.
  • Give volunteers a specific goal.
  • Ask donors on your list for a specific amount. (If you’re asking for shoes for your shoe drive fundraiser, ask them to fill a bag with gently worn, used and new shoes).
  • Make your ask personal. So, if you ask someone to reach a high goal, ask them in person, if possible. Face-to-face is always the best. Otherwise, ask them to support you by picking up the phone. Social media, texts, and emails work better for smaller goals or requests.

Be Prepared for a “No”

Finally, one thing you always have to remember is that your friends have the right to say “no.” So, if you ask your friends to support one of your good fundraising ideas, it’s essential to keep in mind that some won’t be able to help. As we mentioned at the top of this post, maybe they’re in the spin cycle of life. Or perhaps they have other priorities. Whatever their reasons, you’re always friends.


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