The future is here with Snapchat.

Nonprofits and others that work with Millennials, Generation Z, and youth, should understand what has engaged the young people. The reality is that technology is redefining how people communicate with each other, and Millennials and Generation Z drive a lot of that change. They are leaders of the largest companies in the tech sector, and they are the ones who are innovating and changing digital communication.

Snapchat is the current market innovator with its 10-second disappearing videos and leadership on augmented reality. Other platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram, look to what Snapchat is doing and then incorporate those features into their social networks. The reason is simple. The young are leading what it means to communicate digitally, and that’s not going to change.

Even if your nonprofit or civic group decides not to use Snapchat as a marketing platform today, you have to understand it enough to keep thinking down the line if that decision still makes sense. That’s especially true if Snapchat continues to lead the efforts around augmented reality, which is coming soon to everyone in a big way.

Here are some quick pros and cons to help you with an overview of Snapchat:

Pros of Snapchat

  • It is the social media innovator.
  • 10-second video stories were developed by Snapchat, as was the disappearing content.
  • Snapchat is about fun and creative with lenses and filters, which its users use with abandon.
  • The biggest audiences on Snapchat are Millennials and Generation Z.

Cons of Snapchat

  • Older generations are not likely on the platform.
  • Content disappears after 24 hours, which can also be a pro because brands have used it for targeted campaigns.
  • Followers have to know your username on Snapchat.
  • You have to promote your username for Snapchat across other platforms.

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