Nonprofits are hurting. Unfortunately, a recent article in The New York Times brought home the reality that nonprofits are experiencing lay-offs and furloughs. And, this is during a time when there’s a greater need for their services. As a result, it falls on fundraisers to ensure funds keep coming into essential programs. Because we’ve seen the great need of nonprofits, our team started creating free webinars. Check out the first one on fundraising ideas. In our second webinar, we’re tackling fundraising on social media.

In this essential webinar, our marketing guru, Kristy, who always has top marketing ideas, is joined by Brook Hopkins and Katie Hopkins of VolunTeen. Also, Jacqui Foxx from Animal Alliance Greater Syracuse participated in our fundraising on social media webinar, so make sure to check out what they had to say. To get all of the content available from that webinar, please click HERE for the PDF, webinar video, and other information. The PDF alone is a masterclass in how to do things right on social, which highlight in this post!

Also, sign-up now for our next webinar on how to build social media ad campaigns for your next fundraiser.


What We Know About Social Media

In our recent webinar, our Funds2Orgs team explained a few important facts. First, 87 percent of donors who contribute through social do so again in the same way. Second, social media drives traffic to your fundraising campaigns. And, third, nonprofits gain four times more donors on Giving Tuesday than they do on any other day. And with Giving Tuesday happening again soon, now’s the time for you to make sure your fundraising on social media is good to go.

Benefits of Fundraising on Social Media

Social media has many benefits for fundraising. For instance, you have a chance to connect with groups of donors you may never have known. As an example, if you participate in Facebook groups, use hashtags, or use paid sponsorship, new people inevitably get exposed to your work. Further, social media is a dynamic form of communication with new tools developed all the time (e.g., TikTok). When you do fundraising on social media, which also means cultivating and informing, you connect with donors and prospects efficiently. Moreover, by using tools such as Facebook Stories and Facebook Live, you have a chance to update people easily.

Where to Begin on Social

As you will see, when you download the webinar content, getting started on social media doesn’t have to be tough. All you have to do is follow these simple steps. First, determine your strategy for who, what, when, where, and when. Next, choose the platforms where your audience spends the most time. More than likely, it’ll include the big ones of Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. Once you decide on your social platforms, you have to do the work and learn how to maximize performance. Finally, make sure that you have your social profiles accessible off your website!

Build Content on Social Networking Platforms

As you know by now, fundraising on social media is all about images, video, and graphic content. So, one of the best things you could is to curate excellent visual content. As was mentioned above, using Facebook Live is a great way to share content and allow people to see the work you do behind the scenes. Our marketing team uses some of the following tools, and we suggest them to you as well for building content. For beginner content creation, check out Canva and Over. Adobe Lightroom is free and excellent for photo editing. For videos, we love using Mojo App, and for vlogging, check out VlogEasy.

F2OTallQuote_0824Tips for Fundraising on Social Media

Finally, we want to share with you some of the tips we presented at our webinar. For Facebook, make sure you get familiar with Facebook’s extensive collection of fundraising resources. Learn how to tell your story, even if you have to do it in a few sentences. Remember, people need a sense of urgency. So when you fundraise, give people a deadline, as well as the why for the fundraising. On social media, take a chance and A/B test content, copy, and images. A great way to grow your audience is to use polls and surveys, which help people interact with your brand. And don’t forget to post consistently and regularly.

In sum, we know that nonprofits and social good causes need as much support as possible during this uncertain time. And, that’s why we intend to share with you regular free webinars on marketing and fundraising. So, stay tuned to this space for new updates, ideas, tips, and strategies!


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