PTA Fundraising Just Got Better for You

PTA fundraising has gotten a whole lot more fun, and now is the time to rethink your PTA fundraiser. Funds2Orgs, the largest shoe drive fundraising social enterprise in the nation, now provides Georgia PTA groups its fundraisers. Forget about asking people to open their wallets, and instead collect gently worn, used and new shoes from your community. Once your shoe drive fundraiser finishes, Funds2Orgs gives your PTA a check for all the shoes collected. It’s that simple, fun, and easy!

What You Get With This PTA Fundraiser

Your PTA shoe drive fundraiser offers you everything—without any out-of-pocket costs. Because Funds2Orgs is the leading shoe drive fundraising company, you get the necessary support for success. For instance, your PTA fundraiser includes:

  • A dedicated team of fundraising coaches.
  • The fundraising collection materials include bags and rubber bands.
  • Customizable marketing materials to adapt to your PTA fundraising brand.
  • Pick-up of the shoes by the Funds2Orgs logistics team.
  • A check for your PTA fundraiser from Funds2Orgs within 2 business days of receipt of the shoes at their warehouse.
How Your Shoe Drive Works & Its Social Impact
What You Get With This PTA Fundraiser

How Your Shoe Drive Works & Its Social Impact

The fundraising formula is simple for Georgia PTAs: more shoes = more money. Additionally, the entire community gets involved. First, empty your closets and homes of all the shoes you no longer need. Then, reach out to places in town (e.g., churches, clubs, sports teams)—ask them to give you their shoes. And promote our shoe drive fundraiser in your school and community to get as many people involved as possible.

The social impact of your PTA fundraiser is incredible. Rethink how you raise money for your school. Also, keep good shoes out of the trash, and help save the planet! Finally, support small business owners in developing nations in need of footwear to help themselves out of poverty.

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