If you’ve started a shoe drive fundraiser with Funds2Orgs, you can get the students at your local school or the kids in a youth group involved in collecting gently worn, used and new shoes for you. Remember, this type of fundraiser does not require anyone, including children, having to ask for money or having to sell any products. In other words, almost anyone can participate and get involved––including youth and children.

  • If you’re associated, a member or lead a school or youth group, it’s easy to get the kids involved in your fundraiser. Consider your fundraiser as an opportunity for you and your fundraising team to be creative about how you want to collect as many shoes as possible. Remember, the more shoes you collect, the more money you will make from Funds2Orgs in your shoe drive fundraiser.

Some of the ideas you can use to motivate an entire school to get involved in collecting footwear are to create a friendly class or grade competition. Depending on the size of your school, get the students in the different grades, classrooms, or clubs to see which group can collect the most amount of shoes. Then, to make it enjoyable for the kids, provide them with different incentives, such as awards or activities that they will like and anticipate doing for having collected so many shoes.

Some of the schools we’ve worked with have provided their students with “Crazy Hat Day,” which works especially well if your students are not permitted to wear hats during the school day.You can also promote school spirit around your shoe drive fundraiser with activities such as pizza parties, movie time or a “Game Day” when kids have the opportunity to play fun and exciting games.

You’re limited only by your imaginationin getting students, clubs and school sports teams involved in collecting gently worn, used and new shoes for your fundraiser.

  • If you don’t work at a school and are not associated with a school or youth group, don’t fret.You still have an opportunity to partner with a local school in your community and have them help you raise money for your fundraiser by collecting shoes. 

As an idea, were you aware that many high schools require their students to earn community service hours each year as a requirement for graduation?You can reach out to the school administration and ask them if they would support your cause and fundraising efforts by informing their students that they can earn community service hours by helping you collect gently worn, used and new shoes.

Depending on why you need to raise money, you can also reach out to your local elementary, middle school or high school and see if they could get their school involved in your fundraiser.

As a thank you, you can provide the students with a pizza party or some fun activity that would be a reward for the kids.

Remember, when you’re asking schools or youth groups to collect footwear for you: most families have approximately ten pairs of shoes they no longer want or use hidden in their closets, garages, storage or around their homes.Also, kids typically go through three to four pairs of shoes in any given year as they outgrow their footwear. Finally, a shoe drive fundraiser is a socially responsible way for your community, including its kids, to responsibly dispose of unwanted shoes that are shipped to micro-entrepreneurs in developing nations.

So, that’s how to get kids involved in fundraising! If you want to learn more about shoe drive fundraising or marketing through social media, please watch one of our videos on our Facebook page or visit our YouTube channel.  

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