We’re starting a new series that will help inform you on how to grow your audience on the most essential platforms:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Snapchat

You’ll also learn the tips and tricks that our team uses to grow its own audience. Let’s get started with quick tips. And remember, the recipe for success is consistency. Start out by trying one or two of the ideas and do it consistently for a period. Make any tweaks and adjustments in response to your results and then add a few more tricks to your social media work.
You’ll soon discover the results work for you as they’ve worked for us.

Quick Tips and Tricks for Facebook Audience Growth

  • Respond quickly: Facebook algorithms prioritize content for its users that will have the most significant likelihood of appealing to people. In its simplest way, that means that if your posts are engaging––quickly––with likes, shares comments, the post will likely be picked up by AI for the feeds of more people. A critical way you can make sure this happens is to monitor your posts. Once you receive a comment, respond with your own comment, promptly. If you get back to your post a day later, it’s too late.
  • Post daily: If you’re looking to grow your social networking audience on Facebook, that means you have to post daily––seven days a week. Try this as a test for yourself. Post a couple of times a week and see the results of engagement, and then do it seven days a week for another period and see how your numbers are going to increase. Again, it’s those pesky algorithms. They want to know that you’re on the platform every day and they will give preferential treatment to avid posters. 
  • Facebook Live: If your team isn’t on Facebook Live, you’re missing a significant opportunity for audience growth. Video is supplanting photos, and live streaming has the best results by far of any type of postings. It may seem intimidating, but the best thing to do is just to jump in. People are looking for authenticity. No one’s looking for a slickly prepared video. So, just be yourself, smile into your phone and take the plunge into Facebook Live. Your videos should be short (under 3 minutes, but better less).
  • Real, Relevant and Engaging: Millennials and Gen Z are all about transparency, and together these two generations are now 48 percent of the total media audience. These groups want openness and authenticity, and as much as this is a characteristic of the Millennials, it’s even more so of Generation Z, which is now entering college or the workforce. Make your content fun. Be creative and although your mission may be a serious matter, figure out ways to deliver the story in a way that’s going to capture attention in a world that is oversaturated with information.
  • Ask for Information: Play to human nature. People like to enjoy games and give advice. Use the fact humans want to do these things to your advantage. Engage your followers in polls and fun or interesting surveys. Create giveaways or develop some exciting way, perhaps a “Facebook Friday Question,” that gives your audience a chance to engage with you, which will only serve to grow your audience. Although social media (mainly Facebook) may seem to be a lot about venting these days, the reality is the posts that have gone viral are inspiring or fun and enjoyable. Give your followers a reason to have fun and maybe even laugh a little.

Wait…There’s More Information for You!

If you want to learn more about how to grow your Facebook audience, take a couple of minutes to watch Joe’s video and learn about the tips and tricks he uses for our brands.

To learn more about marketing and fundraising, please follow Joe on our Facebook page or visit our YouTube channel.

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