In the digital age, one of the ways people communicate that has come to the forefront is through visual images and videos. And, that goes for almost all of the following social media platforms. Before we proceed on how to grow your podcast or live stream audience, if you’ve missed any of our tips and strategies for increasing your audiences on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, take a moment to catch up.

How to Grow Your Podcast or Live Streaming Audience

It’s essential for your group to promote your brand continually. One of the best ways to do this is to do a podcast or live stream that is done on a regular basis, so people begin to expect it. The best way to accomplish this is to create a series branded for your organization. The following are some simple ways to grow your audiences.

  • Promote in Advance: Aside from creating a series so that people know to check in with your podcast or live stream regularly, you have to promote it. While social media functionality allows people to see things as they happen, that’s hit or miss. When you drive more people in advance, you ensure that more people will attend. Promote your podcast or live stream via social media, on your website, in email and even off-line if you happen to use direct mail or have events.
  • Thank & Call Out New Subscribers: By calling out names and user handle and thanking people individually, even for a few moments each time you get on your podcast or live stream, and people subscribe, you’re achieving two things. 1) You’re subtly showing that people are joining the “club,” and people like to belong to something. 2) People love to hear their names, and if they listen to you thanking them, it makes them feel good about your show.
  • Interact With Your Audience: No matter your work, even if it’s something serious, people want to be engaged. Figure out different ways to keep things fresh for engaging your audience. Look into doing polls, having fascinating conversations, creating contests, or calling-out people. Be creative and figure out ways to keep people tuning in and staying tuned in to what you’re saying on your podcast or live stream.
  • Build Buzz: When you have a particularly relevant topic or guest who will be appearing on your show, create buzz about it. Spend time in advance of the day teasing it on social media. And, as in the earlier point about promoting in advance, use different channels to ensure that your audience is going to want to see your show. 
  • Ask for Opinions: Every marketer or fundraiser knows that one of the best strategies for attracting leaders to your organization is to ask their opinion about something. Let your audience know that you care about what they have to say. Ask their opinion through polls or ask several members of the audience to come on your show and spotlight why they are champions of your work. Why did they become involved with you? Why do they follow you? Asking for opinions and views about what they think will only encourage people to want to get and remain involved. 

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