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One of the most important things you can do in promoting your fundraiser is to tell an engaging and concise story. We’ve got you covered! In our final installment for Giving Tuesday, learn how to tell your story in one paragraph!

How to Easily Tell Your Story in a Single Paragraph

  1. Main idea: The first sentence is the foundation of your message. It is written to engage the reader.
  2. Context: The second sentence helps the reader understand facts or circumstances in support of your main idea.
  3. Challenge: To set up the “ask,” you have to state the conflict or problem, which helps people understand the challenges of your mission or work.
  4. Case statement or need: In this part of your paragraph, you want to state what the need (or case) is; in other words, why do you need people to donate gently worn, used and new shoes? 
  5. The ask: This sentence answers for your readers what you want and need from them, which is to support your shoe drive fundraiser.

Sample Story

Every day, we work with hundreds of rescued dogs that have nowhere to go where it not for ABC Rescue. Good Samaritans or veterans from our partner organization who have made it their mission to rescue dogs save animals from dangerous and neglectful situations. ABC Rescue is a purely volunteer-driven organization, which means we have limited resources to do the work we do. When the dogs arrive at our volunteer homes, most have suffered and are in need of immediate medical care, and although our vets work at negotiated rates, some of our dogs require extensive medical care. Additional expenses include food, toys, and grooming. You can help us by collecting one bag of 25 pairs of gently worn, used and new shoes in our shoe drive fundraiser and Funds2Orgs will issue us a check based on the overall weight of all the shoes collected.

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