During the holiday season, we hope you had a chance to read our recent article. In it, we wrote about how your shoes can help 300 million people with no shoes. The reality is the end of the year is a time for gratefulness for what we have in our lives. But it’s also a time when we can see how much we have! So many others around the world don’t have nearly as much. Thus, as we come to the last few weeks of the year, we want to share what holiday shoes can do in the lives of people in poverty.

As we mentioned in our recent post, 300 million people around the world don’t own shoes. And, while we’ve made great strides toward the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals, there’s still a long road to go. But, throughout the year, our partners and their supporters giving shoes to a shoe drive fundraiser have also made a significant impact!

Where do the holiday shoes and others collected by our partners go?

When our partners collect gently worn, used and new shoes for their shoe drive fundraisers, some fantastic things happen. First, partners do a creative fundraiser, without having anyone give them money. Instead, we issue our partners a check for the shoes collected during a shoe drive fundraiser. We then consolidate the shoes from one partner with those of many others. After, a partner brand ships the shoes to small business owners. Micro-entrepreneurs are located around the world and need footwear to make a living. So, giving shoes to a shoe drive fundraiser can do so much for so many!

Here’s the reality of giving shoes away. More than 4,000 micro-entrepreneurs in developing nations receive the shoes. So, when giving shoes during a fundraiser, it not only raises money. But, it also helps the planet (shoes get a new lease on life). And, the collected shoes go to small business owners in need of inventory. So, as you get new holiday shoes—or at any time during the year—think about what a gift these items can be for others.

Why it’s important for micro-entrepreneurs to get shoes from the U.S.A.

Millions of people live in poverty around the world. And, this systemic poverty has serious repercussions. For instance, people who don’t own shoes cannot work, nor can they work or get an education. Unfortunately, millions of young children can’t attend classes because shoes are part of school “uniforms.” Also, when people don’t have shoes or ones that don’t fit right, it’s easier for them to get sick because of bacteria and infections. So, as you can see, giving shoes during the holidays—or at any time—to a shoe drive fundraiser is very important.

Despite cultural differences, people around the globe want the same things in life. They want to provide for their families. They want love, hope, and opportunity. So, selling shoes is one of the best ways that micro-entrepreneurs can make a successful living for their families. Small business owners have the chance to participate in commerce and not have to rely on charity. And, when people give shoes to a fundraiser, they allow adults and children who don’t have shoes to get a necessity.

Our wish for the holiday season for you and everyone on our planet

When you give shoes during the holidays or at any time of year, so much happens with those shoes. Adults have a chance to work for a living. Other families can buy affordable shoes for themselves and their children. And most importantly, shoes on the feet of children allows them to attend school. As we all know, that’s where every schoolchild should find themselves.

So, our wish for the season of giving is that when you receive your holiday shoes, that you remember not to throw away your old pairs. We’re fortunate in this country. Please, consider dropping off your shoes at a drop-off location. You can also participate in a shoe drive fundraiser or even tidy up with a reputable provider. Finally, we wish you and your family a beautiful and peaceful holiday season. And to all of our partners throughout the year, from our family to yours, we thank you!


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