By now you realize that the most critical generation you have to focus your fundraising efforts is on the Millennials. The group has surpassed the Boomers in sheer numbers. Some key facts about this group that you might find interesting from an Inc.article include:

  • If they had a choice between earning $100,000 annually or $40,000 at a job they loved, Millennials would choose the latter.
  • 84 percent want to make a difference in the world, which is more valued than professional recognition.
  • On the job, crucial values for Millennials are community, creativity, and family.

Because Millennials are now such a significant segment of your fundraising pipeline, it’s vital for your charity to know how to engage them. The most fundamental thing you have to remember when trying to connect with this particular generation is that they want (and demand) transparency. Remember, they grew up in the age of social media, which promotes genuineness. Other necessary qualities for communication to keep in mind include:

  1. Building Trust:This characteristic is not just for Millennials, but for anyone you engage with regarding your nonprofit. One of the essential aspects for building trust is to ensure that the programs and services you’re providing align with your mission. If your work doesn’t seem to be aligned with mission, Millennials will question the organization.
  2. Communication: Millennials expect you to communicate with them, and they also expect it done on platforms that they enjoy, especially social media. But, that’s not all. You don’t just have to be on social media, but you also have to be active in it liking, commenting and sharing relevant content to them. Additionally, nonprofit social networking managers must understand that the Millennial generation is attuned to photos and videos. 
  3. User Experience: Millennials grew up at the dawn of the digital age, and so they expect from organizations, including nonprofits, a great user experience. They prefer to consume information in smaller bits, and that means that nonprofit organizations have to be prepared to deliver their expertise in a way that engages Millennials. The vital aspects to remember for user experience include ensuring that you have a modern and professional looking website, that your nonprofit donation page is easy to use, and that how you present yourself, even your logo, is memorable.

Again, Millennials were the first generation to grow up exposed to the digital and technical world, and it had an impact on how they view the world. They also experienced at a young age the Great Recession, which was worst since the times of the Depression in the 1920’s. These things created a worldview where they expect the people and organizations who connect with them to be transparent and real. They don’t trust “slick,” but they do trust groups who are making a difference and being real at all times.

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