Wondering how to get parents involved in school fundraising? Yes, we all know that many parents don’t like the idea of raising funds. However, parents don’t have a lot of time. Despite their best intentions, they have to work and take care of their responsibilities at home. But, they understand that it’s essential to do it for the education of their kids.

However, if you want to get parents fundraising, we have some great tips for you! Our ideas will help you and your school fundraising teams engage parents more successfully. And, in the end, all the kids at your school win!



Parent Fundraising Made Easy

Think like parents.

It goes without saying, but we’ll say it anyway. The first thing to remember is that parents have a lot going on. Therefore, one of the best things you can do is figure out creative and exciting ways for parent fundraising. We’ve got some for you. Take a look at this list by Fundly for 40+ best crowdfunding ideas. You can also check out this huge list by Double the Donation of 145+ amazing fundraising opportunities, which include shoe drive fundraisers.

Make it easy for parent fundraising

When you prepare for parent fundraising, you have to make it simple. In other words, you need to be clear and specific. Tell them precisely about your goals. And, you have to inform them how much they need to fundraise for you and what they need to do. One of the easiest ways to engage parents, as we mentioned, is to figure out fun and creative ways to involve them in your school fundraisers.

Don’t make assumptions

We’ve spoken in the post about how busy parents can be in their lives. And, we understand that you know that as well. But, sometimes enthusiastic fundraising teams make assumptions. So, if parents can’t attend your first volunteer recruitment meeting, don’t assume that they don’t care. Give them a follow-up call for any gathering. If need be, think about how they can participate virtually.

Welcome all parents to parent fundraising

Remember that not all people are the same. Meaning, some parents might be introverts or going through a tough time. One of the best things you can do for your parent fundraising efforts for your school is to build a wonderful parent community. Even if you’re not having a PTA fundraiser or a PTO fundraiser, you always want to welcome and develop a parent community. So, before, during, or after a school fundraiser, think about how to create events for parents. They’ll appreciate getting to know other parents and you!

Ask parents for a few hours of their time in a school year

Since parents are so busy these days, when you say “parent fundraiser,” you may get a lot of them trying to hide. So, from the start, just let them know that your fundraising ideas won’t take a lot of their time. One of the best tips we have to give you is to tell parents that your fundraiser will only take 2 or 3 hours of their time—for the entire school year.

Communicate in different ways

When you seek how to get parents involved in school fundraising, you want to communicate in different ways. This is for two reasons. First, parents like to absorb information or get their news in different ways. And second, when you use social media, send home flyers, phone or text them, you reinforce your intention to have them help you with parent fundraising.

Thank you goes a long way

Before, during, and after your fundraiser, it’s vital to thank parents continually. We always tell our shoe drive fundraising partners, including our team at Credentials Shoes which ship shoes to micro-entrepreneurs in developing nations, to thank and acknowledge people—often. The fact is that when people, including parents, feel appreciated, they will do more for you, their kids, and your school fundraiser.

Think about family fundraising opportunities

Parents are not the only ones with limited time. The kids are busy too! They have schoolwork. And, they play team sports or participate in clubs. So, one of the best things that you can do for your parent fundraising is to think about what families can do—together. That’s one of the reasons our shoe drive fundraisers many schools and families partner with us. Schools and families love fundraisers and events they can do with their families.

Finally, when you’re considering how to get parents involved in school fundraising, we have something else for you aside from our tips. Since you read this post to the end, we have a gift for you with our Micro-Enterprise Curriculums.They’re aligned to Common Core. What’s more, these curriculums integrate learning with awesome school fundraisers.


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