There’s nothing like the start of a new year to put marketing plans in perspective, especially because everything changes so quickly.

We’ve got everything you need to know!

Our free social media resource guide How to Kickstart Your 2019 Social Media for Your Nonprofit, is going to give you all of the information you need to make sure that 2019 is your best marketing year yet.

By downloading the guide, you’re going to learn about some of the fascinating facts about social media, such as:

  • Americans spend just over 2 hours a day on social media, which provides you with lots of opportunities to get the word out about your nonprofit.
  • 90 percent of brands use social networking to increase awareness, which is always so crucial for charitable causes.
  • Most organizations maintain between 4 and 10 social media profiles.


Last year, Facebook had a bit of a tough year because of the nearly two dozen scandals; however, there’s no denying that it’s still the social media king. One of the reasons is that 68 percent of the U.S. population uses the platform, according to Hootsuite, to stay in touch with family and friends. However, nonprofits should understand that for marketing purposes, that 88 percent of users of the platform access it with their mobile devices.

What that means for your marketing and charitable efforts is that you should be focusing on the best ways to capture the interest of followers and the public by creating content that is going to engage people on their mobile devices. In our resource guide, we provide you with the top 5 ways to make sure your team is capturing your target audience in the ways that work best. You’ll not only understand that it’s essential to use video, but you’ll also discover the best ways to maintain the trust of your supporters in the era of fake news. You’ll also learn how to use chatbots to enhance the experience of the people who want to engage with you.


Reporting from Hootsuite and We Are Social that you’ll find in the resource states that one of the best hashtags to use on this great platform is #instagood, which is a natural fit for nonprofits organizations and charities. 95 of the users on Instagram are also on Facebook, which is its parent company. Meaning, if your nonprofit is short on resources, two of the best platforms that should be your focus for the most significant opportunities of increasing your audience and engaging with them are Facebook and Instagram.

Our resource, which you can download for free, will guide you in learning the top 5 strategies for making sure your nonprofit is making the most of Instagram. We’ll help you understand how to think about your brand selfie. Yes, in the age of the selfie, your brand should have a strong self-identity as well. You’ll also find out about the critical difference between Generation Z and Millennials, which is crucial to understanding so you can make sure to market to each generation properly. One of our strategies also tells you what to do so you can increase your engagement by as high as 1,200 percent (you read that number correctly!).


YouTube is the largest video search engine in the world and is second only to Google. But, there’s a big competitor that launched last year which could rival YouTube and knock it off its spot. That competitor is IGTV, which is brought to you by Instagram. How that will ultimately play out, we’ll see in the years to come. However, YouTube is still a significant social media platform to use, primarily because Google owns it. Using YouTube helps brands increase their SEO rankings.

Our resource guide will inform you about the 5 best ways to ensure that your brand is effectively using YouTube. For instance, one of the best ways to capture attention is to use 360-degree video. Why? Because it’s a unique way for people to see the world. For nonprofits, which tend to have many events throughout the year, using 360-degree videos is an excellent way to provide your audience with an expansive perspective of what’s happening.

The Year Ahead

The early days of 2019 is a chance for you to hit the reset button on your marketing efforts. By downloading your free resource guide, the team at Funds2Orgs will help you get the absolute best strategies for each of the top platforms: Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. If you’re ready to stay ahead of others by learning about the very latest strategies to employ, then we invite you to download your free copy of How to Kickstart Your 2019 Social Media for Your Nonprofit.


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