Are you looking to increase your brand’s awareness?

Are you seeking to maximize the fundraising dollars that your organization is raising toward your mission and work?

If you answered “yes” to both of those questions, then you’re in the right place, and we have some answers for you!

The first thing you have to remember is that you have to be on social media every day.That little piece of advice may be the most obvious, but there are a lot of organizations that only sporadically post to social media. Remember, at its core, social media is all about social networking and being part of the conversations that your followers and supporters are having in the digital world, which transfers to the “real world!”

The following are our FIVE tips to help you maximize your fundraising based on our own experience and best practice for social media.

1. Be Yourself

The first thing you have to do on social media is to be your authentic self. Here’s the scoop, the internet is not kind to fakes. Who likes fakes? We don’t! Do you? Want to get some traction going? Then get rid of the slick videos and be who you are and your followers will like getting to know you.

2. Develop Social Listening Skills

When you develop social listening skills, you’re monitoring the conversations that are happening on social media. You have to pay attention to what your supporters are speaking about on social media. You can follow what’s trending by searching on Facebook or use hashtags on Twitter and Instagram.

3. Ask Questions

Want to know what people like most in a conversation? They want to be asked their opinions and they like tell you what they think. A great way to get the pulse of what people think is to put out polls and surveys. Ask questions about topics pertinent to your mission and promote the surveys or polls on social media inviting people to answer.

4. Share the Love

As was stated above, social media is about social networking. A great way to increase visibility is to share the content of organizations that are similar or complement yours. Do it consistently and tag them in your posts. In time, they’ll return the favor with your content.

5. Utilize Facebook

Facebook is the largest social networking platform on the planet with over 2.2 billion monthly active users. No other platform comes close! Use videos on Facebook, which have higher levels of engagement. We have a partner that live streams every time she gets a bag of shoes in her shoe drive fundraiser. She’s smart because at any given moment there are 1.74 billion people live or on mobile!

We hope that you learned something new with our tips for maximizing your brand’s presence on social media. Remember, as you increase brand awareness, it will lead to more fundraising dollars! If you’d like to learn more of our great ideas and tips, subscribe to ourYouTube channel and like our Facebook page.


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