Today, millions of nonprofits and groups fundraise with unique fundraisers. And, yes, they include creative fundraisers where micro-entrepreneurs receive shoes collected during fundraisers. Groups, such as Credential Shoes, serve as a bridge. They get shoes collected during shoe drive fundraisers to developing nations. People there need the shoes to make a living. But, one thing that is always important with any fundraiser is promotion. Although we live at a time of social media, traditional media is still necessary.

According to a recent post by thunder::tech, traditional media still matters.

  • People care about where they get their news. Meaning, the public still trusts traditional media.
  • Influencers exist in media. So, they can help you attract more people to your cause.
  • Many media outlets have both digital and print channels. That helps to amplify your message to a broader segment of people.

Why traditional media matters for your fundraiser

We’ve seen our shoe drive fundraising partners using traditional media raise more money. Based on our experience, reasons include the following.

  • Traditional media helps groups target their local geographical audience. For instance, your local community is likely to know your brand. If you have an ad, the chances of getting people in your neighborhood to support your cause increases. They know you. So, look at your local newspapers, radio, and other outlets to discover great ways to get your message out.
  • Traditional media creates a bridge between your online efforts and the offline world. As an example, you want to promote your recent fundraiser and also your new website. By using all forms of media, you can lead people to visit the URL of your website and fundraising page. Thus, when you use traditional media, don’t forget to direct people to a URL or social media account.

Increase the impact for your fundraiser

Let’s take a look at actionable steps to help you increase the impact of your fundraiser. As you know, when you market well, you will raise more money. That’s the reason why our shoe drive fundraising partners who use all forms of media do so well. (Take a look at this guide, Shoe Drive Fundraisers: A Mini Guide for Schools and Clubs).
  • Develop short and strategic calls to action (CTA). For instance, send different audiences to various places, depending on how they respond. For example, for people who like traditional media, send them to your website. Or, ask them to follow your fundraiser on Facebook because it’s the king of social media. Pay attention to how different groups of people support your cause. Make it a point to direct your CTA to the places they are more likely to respond.
  • When you decide to use traditional media, make sure to include your website or social media. Unfortunately, many times nonprofits don’t ask a reporter, to include that information. But it’s vital so that people can support their cause. When you get featured ask reporters to include information about you. Give them your Facebook, social media, or website URL. In other words,  be specific.

A few final tips for traditional media

Finally, don’t forget when you use any media, it’s still important to be consistent. So, if your fundraiser has a particular branded look, make sure that you do the same on traditional media. Take a look at any logos, colors, fonts, or messaging that you use. Then, make sure that everything is consistent. By doing so, you will reinforce that people will recall your fundraiser.
Remember, traditional media helps complement your online efforts. Also, it reinforces your messaging. The reality is that today’s supporters respond to messages in different ways. And, they get their information in different ways. Some still like to read a newspaper. Others want to read the news on a social media platform. And yet, others prefer to listen to the radio. When you use traditional media, you reinforce the messaging from other channels. You also make sure to reach all your target audience.
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