Were you aware that donor fatigue is not real? There’s a great article written by Lincoln Arneal titled, “Going Back to the Well: Why Donor Fatigue is Not Real.” In it, the author writes, “In the fundraising world, it might seem like our donors are like that overused water pot. We ask them to make a donation so often that might break from donor fatigue. However, donor fatigue is not a real thing. It’s an excuse. If your donors are feeling burned out from all your asks, then your asks are what—pardon my french—suck.”

Nonprofits, schools, charitable groups, and civic organizations have an opportunity to get it together, as noted in the article, by developing a plan, making it about the donor and building lasting relationships. We would also add that giving donors and supporters a real, engaging and relevant fundraising opportunity goes a long way toward fundraising success.

What if there were a way for you to do the following?

  • Not ask anyone for money.
  • Not sell any merchandise.
  • Pay no out-of-pocket expenses––ever.
  • Get everything you need for your fundraiser, including a team of dedicated fundraising professionals, all of the marketing and promotional materials and more.

And what if your fundraiser produced the following global benefits?

  • Your group can raise $3,000, $5,000 or more in as little as 30 to 60 days.
  • Your fundraiser is an opportunity for your entire community to get involved in helping the environment.
  • Your fundraiser helps small business owners called micro-entrepreneurs in developing nations around the world create their work opportunities for themselves so they can escape poverty.

Facts about shoes.

  • Over 600 million pairs of shoes are disposed of annually in the U.S.
  • Shoes with leather uppers and soles can take 25-40 years.
  • Shoes with rubber soles, such as work boots or sneakers, can take 50-80 years to decompose.
  • The chemical compounds used in the materials in shoes become toxic as they begin to open and disintegrate. This makes them hazardous to health and life.

Facts about families in developing countries.

  • People living in extreme poverty earn less than $2 a day, which is over 1.3 billion people.
  • More than 3 billion people live on less than $2.50 a day.
  • According to UNICEF, 22,000 children die every day because of poverty.

What is a shoe drive fundraiser?

You can make a difference to not only raise money, but also make a significant social impact simply by collecting gently worn, used and new shoes. When you ask your supporters, champions and even the broader community to help you raise money by giving you their shoes, you help people clean up their closets and storage areas. The shoes don’t go into the trash which is harmful to the environment. So, a shoe drive fundraiser is a socially responsible fundraiser! Funds2Orgs will issue you a check for the footwear you collect, not your supporters and donors.

Also, with a social enterprise like Funds2Orgs, the footwear you collect gets consolidated with thousands of other pairs from other shoe drive fundraisers across North America. The shoes are then shipped to countries around the world and become inventory for micro-entrepreneurs who have to create their work opportunities because of limited jobs due to systemic poverty.

Why do donors and supporters love a shoe drive fundraiser?

  • It’s a real, relevant and engaging fundraiser.
  • It gives them a new way to support your organization.
  • You don’t ask them for money all of the time.

With a Funds2Orgs shoe drive fundraiser, the formula is very simple: More shoes = More money. Funds2Orgs’ partners in developing countries have gone from existing with $2 a day to earn over $60 a day for their families, which is a sustainable and living wage in a developing country.

Working with a social enterprise like Funds2Orgs, the shoes collected help you raise money, lower our carbon footprint and help micro-entrepreneurs in developing countries. It provides your entire community with a new and exciting way to support your cause and make a global social impact.

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