Twitter’s an awesome tool to help you spread awareness about your nonprofit brand and fundraiser. Twitter is one of the largest social media networks with over 319 million users. 83 percent of world leaders and 38 percent of Millennials use Twitter.

Yes, some people are turned off by Twitter because the micro-blog site can seem overwhelming. But, that’s the remarkable thing about Twitter. As compared to other social media platforms, it’s one of the tools that seems most “alive” because every single moment your feed is changing. It’s dynamic, it’s fast, and that’s why it’s one of the leading networks for any breaking news or updates.

Your nonprofit, school, church or civic group should include Twitter in your marketing and fundraising mix because:

  • Google indexes tweets, which means that it helps people find you (and your fundraiser) on the search engine.
  • Twitter is a primary source for breaking news. If you’re starting a campaign, it’s a great place to raise awareness.
  • You can curate content for yourself and your followers on Twitter and give your supporters instant information regarding your cause, work, and thought leaders. 
  • The use of hashtags allows you to connect with your champions and virtually anyone anywhere in real time.

There are few key ways why your organization can use Twitter to help you boost your fundraising.

  • If you have a fundraising campaign, use fun and compelling tweets with pictures and videos to engage and capture the attention of your supporters and the public. 
  • Create and promote a Twitter Chat about your particular cause, related to a specific campaign. Invite guests, your followers, and the public to get involved in real time to talk about the cause and the important work you’re doing. 
  • Although you can tweet up to 140 characters, you’ll get higher engagement with tweets that are 100 characters or less.
  • Do a live stream about your organization so people can see what you do, participate in an event or otherwise get involved.
  • Use hashtags specific to your organization and cause to increase the level of engagement and to also enter into discussions that may be happening on Twitter in real time that are related to your work; choose “Live” when you are searching for a particular hashtag and discussion to enter.
  • Get your supporters and also nonprofit thought leaders to share your most important tweets. Specifically, ask them to share and help you raise awareness about your fundraiser. You can do this by including “retweet” or “RT” in your tweets to specific users.

For more information about using Twitter see the YouTube video from our social media expert, Joe.


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