Your Shoe Drive Fundraiser is obviously very important so be sure to shout it out to everyone that you can as often as you can in as many ways as you can. One way to be sure that you are reaching all of your potential donors is to take some time and have your team make a list of everyone that you know and work through ways that they could help. It doesn’t matter who it is one thing is for sure, if you don’t let them know how they can help, they aren’t going to.

Everyone can help. Your friends and family can reach out to their contacts; the companies that you and others work for can host employee shoe collections to sponsor your shoe drive. Civic groups, youth groups, service clubs at schools, all of these are looking for service projects, ask them to help. Some other ideas of places to ask for their support, your bank, your dry cleaner, your hair dresser, your doctors office. Many of these can help.

The key is to take a little time to identify all of your potential resources and then work on a compelling message to ask them for help. Connect with your fundraising coach to discuss this and any other ideas.

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