Adopting a child can be a huge joy and financial strain for families. Funds2Orgs understands the needs of these families and has worked with hundreds of families and adoption agencies looking for adoption fundraising ideas. Through Funds2Orgs adoption fundraisers families are able to come closer to their financial goals and turn their dream into a reality.

Similar to individual fundraisers, our goal is to send gently worn, used and new shoes to developing nations for micro-enterprise. Through micro-enterprise the shoes collected from your fundraiser are consolidated and shipped to on-the-ground business operators where they clean, repair, or melt down outsoles to make new shoes. Your collected shoes will have tremendous impact because not only will you get closer to your adoption goals, you will empower impoverished individuals to start and maintain businesses that cultivate economic sustainability.

Adoption is a big decision for your family. Let Funds2Orgs provide you adoption fundraisers that have proven success and a unique way to give back to the worldwide community.