Have you ever considered Instagram influencer marketing for your nonprofit? If not, it’s something that you should consider. It can help you leverage the power of influencers to promote your charity. If you’ve missed our earlier posts on the Instagram series, here’s your chance to check them out.

Influencer marketing on Instagram is the best place for your nonprofit to attract new followers. It has twice the engagement of Twitter. As has been reported by Influencer Marketing Hub, “…nano-influencers with fewer than 1,000 followers enjoy an engagement rate of 7.2% on Instagram, compared with 1.4% on Twitter. At the other extreme, influencers with over 100,000 followers have 1.1% engagement on Instagram, compared to a mere 0.3% on Twitter.”



What is influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing is when an influencer with a following helps promote your brand. When Estee Lauder wanted to gain market share among young women, it approached Kendall Jenner. She’s one of the youngest members of the famed Kardashian family. And, she promoted the company on her Instagram channel. Jenner did this by providing make-up tips about the products from Estee Lauder she uses. You don’t have to be a for-profit company, however, to do influencer marketing. Your nonprofit can also leverage the power of social media influencers.

  • Build your influencer marketing list

When you get begin influencer marketing, one of the easiest things is to make Instagram a priority. To get an influencer, you have to show that you’ve got an engaged community on Instagram. First, create a list of influencers on Instagram. Also look at people who are influencers in the industry. Look at your followers first and then influencers within the nonprofit sector. You can use influencer research tools to sort through people who have significant audiences. Search by geographical area. Also check out high levels of engagement. And, review the quality of followers (e.g., as opposed to fake accounts).

  • Use micro-influencers

When you’re creating your list of influencers, don’t forget about micro-influencers. These are people who have 100,000 or fewer followers but still are considered influencers. These accounts may be more inclined to share and comment on your content. Use the “search” function to find accounts that post content related to relevant hashtags.  Top hashtags are #nonprofits, #philanthropy, etc.

  • Influencers sharing the love

Share the love. Social media is about social networking. Once you know who influencers are, you have to engage with them in different ways. Send them public and also private messages. Compliment what they’re doing. Share, like and comment on their content. Take the time to build a relationship before you ask them to do anything for you.

  • Instagram influencer marketing value proposition

For-profit companies pay or provide influencers with gifts to share content. That’s not typically something a nonprofit can do with its limited resources. So, be creative when you do Instagram influencer marketing. Think about what you can do for them. Feature influencers in your blogs, social media posts, marketing, etc. Follow them and get to know what makes them tick. It’ll help you create a value proposition for them.

  • Ask for a low commitment from an influencer

Once you’re ready to have an influencer promote, begin by asking in a way that is a low commitment. For example, don’t ask them to share your content monthly. A good start is to tag them in a compelling post that could be of interest to them. You can then direct message them privately and ask them to comment or share.  

  • Influencer marketing campaigns that work

Create marketing campaigns that have excellent imagery and are also fun will attract influencers. It will go a long way toward having people want to support your efforts. At an animal welfare charity, why not create a campaign celebrating animal birthdays? It’s fun. It will also engage lots of people, including pet owners and lovers. Remember, your targeted influencers are more likely to share positive content. 

  • Build influencer relationships

Finally, remember that influencer marketing takes time. You’re building a relationship not only with influencers but also with new audiences. As you develop relationships with influencers, treat each influencer as an individual. Create partnerships which are a win/win for both of you. Relationships will always be different from one influencer to another.

When you consider Instagram influencer marketing, take the time to learn influencers in the nonprofit sector.  There are many. Consider influencers outside of philanthropy by seeing people who are aligned with your mission. For example, if you work at an animal welfare group, find influencers who love animals. If you’re at an arts-based group for youth, think about artists. Think about the win/win situations you can create with influencers. Finally, also consider micro-influencers who might be easier for relationship building. Done right, Instagram influencer marketing can bring great success!

We hope you enjoyed our post about Instagram influencer marketing. Stay tuned for next week’s article on our blog where we’ll be sharing our thoughts on video so your nonprofit can be a great success with it on Instagram.


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